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The UQ Writers Group

(Formerly known as the UQ Poetry Society)

The Society is Defunct

The UQ Poetry Society - as it existed from 1996-1998 - is defunct. This page remains up in its memory. You could say the society died at the hands of problems organising it, unhelpful student union people not turning up to affiliation meetings, new members with dubious motivations... but really it had just run its course.

The group was best in its first year, when we had a devoted group of about 6 core members and 10-12 regulars. Those times were great, and it just didn't seem to convert over to something bigger. It was a moment in time not destined to last. As a friend of mine said recently about a different thing (the sentiment stands)... "Those were golden days, my friend.".

UQ Poets...... here's to golden days.

- heretic
1st May 1998

Between the time we started counting the impacts in the wee small hours of 6-10-96 and when we stopped in Feb 98, 176 people emitted a dull "bonk" as they banged their head on this page.

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