the demoscene.code v1.05

version date: 2001-04-07

by heretic



So what the hell is this code?

Basically it is a series of codes or flags that are comprised of elements from this template. For each separate code there will be an index letter, then qualifiers and modifiers. The qualifiers give the main information and the modifiers give you the chance to "tweak" a little to make it fit you more closely. The categories are not set in stone, if there isn't a qualifier/modifier that fits you exactly then just pick the ones that fit you /closest/ (or leave it out).

The idea came from the Goth Code, which came from some other code, which came from the Geek Code, which came from some geek presumably. Or something like that, anyway :)

what possessed me??

The demoscene is a strange beast... after all what can you say about something that is backlit by the uncertain glow of thousands of computer monitors? :) Every time we connect to internet or bbs's, we are communicating in some form with people we have never met. I once had a discussion on IRC about the idea that handles are used like a face; being as how they are the first thing that other sceners experience in relation to you, like you see a person's face in real life. The problem there is that you still don't get much of an idea.

In my travels, I then picked up a copy of the GothCode by Peter T. Caffin. "Fascinating," I said. It took large amounts of information about you and compressed it to a a few lines of ascii, perfect for .sigs. I put my GothCode together and used it as such for a while, and got a few questions about it from people (mostly curious as to WTF it was :)).

After I sent Maeve Wolf a copy of the GothCode to decode said .sig, she suggested that the demo scene could be a candidate for a similar code. I thought about it for a while and decided that it could be done. I looked at some other codes, in particular Peter T. Caffin's GothCode v2.0A (naturally!), and quickly drafted a few sections. Within four days the .txt file rocketed to over 20k, and kept growing in fits and spurts (during exams I might add :) I'll never learn...).

Naturally a code like this can't summarise an individual, people are far too varied. But in a scene where people rarely see you face to face, it is a good way to give people some idea of who you are and what you're like; all in something small enough to fit into a .sig (without even breaking the dreaded netiquette ;)).

what the hell is this "demoscene" anyway?

It has come to light that some non-demosceners have seen this code, and wondered what in the hell is this Demoscene thing, anyway??? Well, for the uninitiated; by demos we mean computer demos. Not large numbers of people beating the crap out of unsuspecting police and paparazzi. Also, not game demos (although the demoscene does seem to act in a small way as a breeding ground for game designers). [This explanation is basically all IMO, btw. It's not definitive because the demoscene means different things to everyone, it's just the demoscene as i see it.]

So what's a computer demo? Well, to put it very simply it's a display of graphics, code effects and music. Coders make interesting things happen to funky graphics, accompanied by cool music (there you go, one heretic's description ;)). Demos are sophisticated multimedia productions (to use a rather clinical term) which will generally push your computer to the limits of its capabilities. It's hard to understand exactly what they are and what their appeal is until you've seen them.

Legend holds that demos originated from small programs tacked onto the start of cracked games, who's basic purpose was to say who'd done the dirty on the software designers. They got increasingly complex (scrollies, starfields, music etc) until somewhere along the line a few people decided that making the demo was a lot more interesting than cracking games (presumably :)). Demos became releases in their own right; and the rest, as they say, is history [this is the "quickie history" version].

The demoscene has a great presence in America (probably due to numbers) and in places like Finland (I'm under the impression it gets bloody cold in winter and nobody is stupid enough to go outside, therefore they stay inside and make demos). Australia has a respectable number of sceners, but only because a lot of people spent a lot of time and money on phone calls developing nationwide message nets. Scene activity is sporadic, because we aussie sceners are so damn slack.

The demoscene once existed almost exclusively on BBSs, but the internet explosion (which has really happened during my time in the scene, ie when the rest of the world decided to leap on the information supertollway) has led to a focus on irc as the communication medium, along with email, ftp and web pages.

However, you have to remember your roots. From BBSs came a huge part of the demoscene, although some sceners / innocent bystanders / lurkers / their dogs insist it is a separate scene... ansi. Developed as a way of twisting the best art out of a highly limited medium, primarily to make BBSs look good, the ansi scene raged on with fierce competition between groups and artists alike. Monthly packs appeared, with not just ansi art but vga, tunes and even the odd bit of lit (literature).

I figure it was the info files in these packs that encouraged many people to just make the viewer and articles into eMags. This is of course total speculation and could be utter bullshit, but that's life. I'm writing this and I say so :) Anyway, eMags are another aspect of the scene, at first as support/criticism/review/informative tools for the ansi scene, they're practically another scene on their own now; although webZines do seem to have overshadowed download-and-run style mags.

Lit is a separate and small scene. People can't be bothered with lit when they can just stare at a pic or demo, just as people will watch tv in real life. I'm not trying to detract from other parts of the scene by saying that, it's just that lit gets dumped on in most aspects of life, and the scene follows that trend (albeit to a slightly lesser degree than general society). But at any rate, it's there, and writers have a lot of fun with their packs... there is some amazing talent out there.

The music is tracked music, .mod .s3m .xm etc... often termed "mods" for general reference, they apparently started on Amigas (the .mod format, I'm told, is native to the Amiga) and has become one of my personal favourite aspects of the scene. If ever there was a medium to take the power away from companies and put it back in the hands of the artists, then this is it (I guess the whole scene is a bit like that - after all the demoscene is pretty much "underground"). The style is distinctive and inspiring.

Hopefully this sheds some light on what the strange thing we 'sceners spend so much time on is all about. Like it, love it, hate or sit on the fence; it's there. It is a creative outlet for thousands, performing to their peers and doing more than staring blankly at a tv or hooking into games all the time (not saying demosceners don't do a bit of that too ;)). To me, the scene is a creative outpost within the strange world we concoct by linking all our computers together.

the demoscene in 1999

As 1999 rolls around, the demoscene has quite honestly seen better days. Internet has basically killed BBSs, irc became a hotbed of infighting and channel/op wars, and scene standards like the Hornet archive and DemoNews have folded. Ansi and ascii are facing extinction at the hands of hirez, and even i haven't heard about much lit scene activity in recent times.

However, the scene is far from dead. Web pages and web zines are holding on, irc remains in use, demos and music still come out. Technology leads (well, forces) demos away from DOS and pushes them into win95/98 - alternative OSs like Linux and BeOS just aren't common enough to be used. This in a way could lead to a revival, as it allows easier viewing of demos. Not everyone thinks this is a good thing - point and drool is not the ultimate interface.

The scene is rearranging itself, redefining itself and working out where it will go in the new millenium. Perhaps not consciously in those terms, but that's about the size of it.



The demoscene has shown some signs of life, with taking over from; then more recently emerged. While it's not a huge thing, it's worth noting. I thought it was pretty ironic when a question was asked on slashdot looking for examples of digital art which had used multiple elements seamlessly... ie. true multimedia. It was a long time and many posts before anyone mentioned the demoscene, proving that people really do have short memories... or perhaps the demoscene was further underground than I thought.

Check out:

what's the point of demos?

A question that often arises is "What's the point?". I have to say that if you're asking, you probably won't ever understand. The point is (at least in part) to see how far the computer can go, to see what you as an artist, coder or musician can do; to produce something worth watching... essentially to make something really cool. Maybe there is the motivation that making a really good demo can make you elite, but i'd like to think that this isn't the primary motivation :) Possibly the appeal they have for me is linked to my "affinity with computers" (not my words) or something, but I like them...

I'd hazard a guess and say that maybe demos have an appeal linked to the attitudes of the hacking underground... the demoscene has a certain illicit/underground atmosphere without actually being illegal. Demosceners are quite possibly of the same mindset as the hacker who wants to get into the biggest systems, but they prefer to do something more creative/artistic. Besides which, the feds eventually started to actually bust people.

Where hackers might want to screw around with computer systems out of curiosity and a certain technolust (to steal a term out of "Hackers" :)), demosceners want to screw around with computers for similar reasons. They like computers; they like using them to do things most people don't do with them, they like to see how much they can get the computer to do. The demoscene is nice and underground, small enough to go unnoticed but large enough to be a lot of fun; where you can interact with others who like computers, and generally i think sceners probably want to be left alone to do it.

version & copyright info

v0.01 (I forget)     Seemed like a good idea at the time.
v0.50 (I forget)     Someone encouraged me. Silly thing to do, really.
v1.00 (I forget)     First release.
v1.01 (11-09-97)     Explanation of the demoscene added.
v1.02 (10-12-97)     I didn't like the explanation how it was.
v1.03 (12-04-99)     Renamed to "demoscene.code", plus some revisions.
v1.04 (10-10-99)     Shuffled the order a bit, a few revisions.
v1.05 (07-04-01)     Added link, to keep things a little bit alive...

This and all other versions of the demoscene.code are © Copyright worldwide and may not be reproduced in whole or in part except for personal use. If you want to mirror the code on a web page or distribute it in some other way, please email me first and ask for permission (and to ensure you have the most recent version etc).


Credit where credit's due, this code would probably never have existed if it hadn't been for the GothCode by P.T.Caffin (aka -Synic-) and a timely comment from Tatharina (then known as Maeve Wolf). I also looked at a few codes such as the Bear/Smurf Codes, but the only ones I paid any attention to were:

* The Geek Code v1.0.1
* The Twink Code v1.10

...but they were minor sources of inspiration. The GothCode has been the code that I studied, rewrote and basically lifted a few parts from. Note that I tried as much as possible to avoid direct lifting, but on a couple of codes I couldn't see any better way to do it and didn't see any point in trying to recreate them.

Big thanks go to Synic for his permission to adapt these parts of the GothCode, and for his comments and feedback about the early versions of the SceneCode. The GothCode can be found at:

Last but by no means least, credit goes to Tatharina for her feedback, suggestions and support. Thanks Tath!

The Scene Code can currently be found on my web page:

Now... Once more to the code, my friends, once more to the code!

[Sorry :)]

scene role

"R" code.

What role do you play in the scene? This one is pretty easy :) Put the area/s you are involved in first; then (in their abbreviated form) the affils you have, in brackets with any modifiers that may apply. An option is included for non-scene people who wish to use this code.

An      Ansi artist
As      Ascii artist
Co      Coder
Cu      Courier
Li      Lit writer
Lu      I'm a lurker; I don't actively participate, I just observe.
Mu      Musician
Vg      VGA/hirez artist
Wa      \/\/4|23z |<1|)|)13
Wr      Writer for an eMag
zz      I fit into the scene in some way not listed.
NA      I am a non-demoscener (if you fit this category, simply ignore
                any other codes that don't apply).

Modifiers :

!       I am the head honcho of this group.
#       I am senior staff of this group.
&       I am permanent staff of this group.
*       I'm freelancing.
1       This group is a one-man-band.
?       I am currently unaffiliated in this area.
??      I am currently unaffiliated and am developing my skills before
                I join a group.
%       I am unaffiliated and plan to stay that way.
@x      I have been in x number of groups before the ones I'm in now
                (For simplicity, count only the groups you released

Example :

When i first started this code, I wrote lit for CiA, and articles for oOze and revival. I was senior staff of rvl and a staff writer for oOze; and i had previously written for an eMag called Event Horizon as well as releasing lits with Revolt literature. My code went like this -


Now the groups i was with have basically all folded, so i write for whoever asks for or needs lit and articles. I have released with five groups (not counting a guest lit or two). My code goes like this -


how long have you been in the scene?

"T" code.

How long have you been a part of the demoscene? Count only time that you have been actively keeping up with the scene.

Tx - x number of years (if you want to you can graduate in half or quarter years, rounding months down).


I have been using a modem and calling scene boards since September 1994, which at time of first writing was about 1 year and 9 months ago. That's one and three quarter years, so my code was T1.5 ... It's now T4

how "elite" are you?

"E" code.

Elitism is a big part of the scene, for better or worse. Some people are skill-based elitist: "I am brilliant, you are shit."; and some are just, well, elitist. Not to say, of course, that some people aren't truly elite. Whatever, this is where you show how elite/elitist/otherwise you are! :)

E+4     I am so elite that I don't even need to *do* anything to retain
                that status! (Hrrrmph ;))
E+3     EVERYONE has heard of me and I'm generally recognised as being
                very good at what I do.
E++     Pretty much there... A lot of people have at least heard of me
                and my work is considered pretty good.
E+      I know what's what enough to look like I know my stuff, and my
                work is considered competent.
E       I'm a scener, alright... don't bug me about it. I'll get there
                one day.
E-      I'm an interested newbie who's just started looking into the
E--     I'm make obvious errors in judgement about what to say and/or
                do; I don't know who I'm flaming or what those little
                letters behind their name mean.
E-3     People cringe when I open accounts on their board or join their
                IRC channel. I often get booted off systems and/or
E-4     I have been banned from most IRC channels and blacklisted on all
                the scene boards I've tried to call. In fact, I'm so
                badly disliked I'm famous for it (Ryan Murphy, come on down! >-)).

Mods :

%       Let's face it, this all disappears when we turn the computer
                off. It really doesn't matter that much to me.
!       I really hate elitism, get outta my face Mr Ego!
@x      I have won my section at parties x times.
#       There are no compos for my area of the scene (eg Lit and mags).

Eg :

I've been around at least long enough to know who's who, people usually know the name at local scene meets, and I've had plenty of compliments on my work although there are no compos for lit or eMag writing (or SceneCode writing, for that matter :)). However, elitism pisses me off and I try not to get too worked up over the scene; so my code is E++!%#

internet use

"I" code.

We all use internet, at least most of us do. Internet has allowed us to communicate with people in other countries and create a scene that is truly worldwide. How much do you use internet? What parts of it do you use?

I+3     I never log on at all, because I just never log off. I saw the
                sun earlier this year though. Or was it last year?
I++     I'm a heavy internet user, and it's not so rare anymore for me to pull
                an all-nighter.
I+      I use internet a lot, logging on most days and often spending a
                couple of hours online.
I       I use internet pretty casually.
I-      I use it a little and enjoy it when I do, but rarely more than a
                couple of times a week and not for very long.
I--     I use internet as little as possible.
I-3     Don't mention the I-word! Get ye back, spawn of satan!!

Add to this the areas you use on a regular basis (ie what you spend most
of your time online doing):

Em      I use email.
Ft      I spend a lot of time ftp'ing (only use this if it's your main
                reason for using internet, as most people use ftp at
                some time).
Go      I spend a lot of time using gopher (same conditions as for ftp).
Ir      I use irc. If you only ever use one channel, you can then put it
                in brackets (optional).
Ma      I use mailing lists.
Mu      I am a mudder.
Ne      I read newsgroups.
Te      I spend a lot of time telnetting to other servers (use this only
                if you don't actually NEED to telnet, ie it doesn't
                count if you use another account to access your mailbox.
                If you use many accounts and telnet to receive mail at
                all of them then you may wish to leave this in).
We      I pissfart around on the web. Newsgroups? Que? What's that?
zz      I do something not listed here (you're trying to hack passwords
                on your server, aren't you! admit it! :))

Mods :

@       I have my own web page (you may wish to put the url in brackets).
#       I maintain an ftp site.
!       I'm the SysAdmin of a server.
$       I make money from internet.
$$      I make a living from internet.
?       I use internet but I'm usually too stoned or tripped out to know
                what I actually *do* there...


I use internet pretty heavily, and log on most days that I have access to my account. I generally stay on for a fair while, and have pulled a couple of all night or close to all night sessions. I use mail, news, mailing lists, a little bit of IRC, and I've got a web page. My code is I++EmNeMaIr@(

bbs use

"B" code.

In the demoscene, a large part of the action takes place on BBS's. This is included as a separate category from internet because it's... well... a separate pastime. After all, ftp may be great but it does lack that certain *something* that goes with bbs's.

+3       I am a heavy BBS user, and pull all-night sessions calling the
                plethora of BBS's I have accounts with.
++       I log on every day without fail to all the BBS's I can.
+        I use BBS's a lot, logging on most days and usually using my full
                allotted time.
-        I use them and enjoy it when I do; but rarely more than a
                couple of times a week and I usually don't use all of my
                allotted time.
--       I use BBS's as little as possible.
-3       BBS's? Gimme a break! I hate them.
-4       What in the hell is a BBS?

Mods :

Re      My BBS usage is restricted for some reason. This is usually by
                cost restraints; especially STD call rates.
Ld      I call LD a lot.
Sy      I am the sysop of a BBS.
Co      I am the Co-Sys of a BBS.
Ma      I only use BBS's for mail.
Le      I'm a leech!
Mo      I make money from a BBS.
Li      I make a living from a BBS.
In      I don't use BBS's much because I can get what I need from
!!      I don't use BBS's *at* *all*, because of internet.
@x      I only call x number of boards.


I don't use BBS's much, only calling 2 boards every week or two for mail packs; but this is basically because there are no scene boards in my local phone zone (DEATH TO TELSTRA!!!!). I do however make up for this using internet, so my code is B-ReIn@2


"H" code.

A person's handle is a large part of who they are in the modem world. It is usually the first impression another scener will get of you, so in many ways it is like your "face". Some people choose them carefully, others just write whatever comes into their head at the time. Some people stick with one handle, others can't leave the damn thing alone. Your handle can be a source of amusement, annoyance or curiosity amongst other sceners. I get asked whether I named myself after the game, for instance (I didn't, damnit! I've never even *played* it!).

H++      I chose my handle after a large amount of thought.
H+       I put a little thought into it.
H        I just chose a name, next question please.
H-       A handle is just a handle, what's the big deal?
H--      I put no thought into it whatsoever.

Mods :

!       My handle has a special meaning for me.
#       My handle is my nickname.
%       My handle is my real name.
&       My handle is often used in real life instead of my name.
&&      I am known only by my handle in real life (this includes if you
                already had that handle before you began bbs'ing).
?       I named myself after someone or something else.
*       For whatever reason, I regret choosing the handle I'm using.
~       I am going to change my current handle (you may want to put the
                prospective handle in brackets).
^x      I go by x different handles at the same time (specify what the
                extra names are and where you use them).
@x      I have had x number of handles.

Eg :

My handle was chosen after a lot of thought, has special meaning, I have only had the one handle, I use a different nick on irc and will answer to heretic in real life. Therefore my code is H++!&^2(requiem:IRC)

"cyberpunk" rating

"C" code.

Some of us are computer and technology geniuses, some of us just bluff their way through programming the video. How cyberpunk are you? Can you hack into the bank and get a few credit cards for a weekend at Jupiters' or are you outfoxed by your hair dryer?

C+4     My name is Phiber Optik and I hack for the sake of freedom of
                information and curiosity (Information wants to be
C+3     I live for new technology; I love new gadgets and love to use
                them. I can make sense of the newest of the new and the
                oldest of the old with ease.
C+2     I can program a video recorder that was made by a Japanese
                manufacturer during the 1970s... and I usually don't
                even need the instructions! I rarely need help fixing my
C++     I can quickly learn how to operate equipment and software in my
                field of expertise. While not a guru I can usually fix
                any simple problems my computer has, and know how to
                create complex batch files and such.
C+      It can take a little time, but, I can work out these new fangled
                gadgets and sorta enjoy it... kinda.
C       Ahh hell, it's the 90s; I can live with technology. Thank god
                for the "... For Dummies" phenomenon and
                point-and-click, eh?
C-      I don't like using my microwave oven and the manual for my
                computer is always open. I live by the maxim "If it's
                not broken, don't fix it." so don't use the words "maybe
                an XT just doesn't cut it any more" near me! I upgraded
                during the Crimean War for crying out loud.
C--     I had to buy "Microwaves for Dummies"  and read it six times to
                work out how to use the damn thing. I can get my word
                processor to work; given time, every available book and
                three different support lines. To actually *type* 
    		    something, now that takes a little more help.....
C-3     I threw away my microwave because I couldn't work out how to use
                the f***ing thing. Don't even *mention* computers, those
                things just don't do what you tell them!
C-4     "(Beepbeep), oh heavy, the machines are ganging up on me again.
                (beepbeep) Why can't we all lead a pastoral existence
                where there are no machines that get all heavy and
                (beepbeep) beep at you?"


Px      I can program in x languages.
w       I use technology all the time; it's the basis of my work (eg,
                computer repair, graphic design, crane operation, typist
                who uses computers, etc).
m       I am mechanically minded (ie, I'm good with nuts, bolts, car or
                truck engines, etc).
e       I am electrically minded (ie, you can construct things that
                involve high voltage electricity).
c       I am circuitry minded (ie, you can construct or fix things that
                involve integrated circuits, diodes, transistors,
                resistors, etc).
p       I am chemical-properties minded (ie, you can mix compounds to
                produce stuff; often found with chemists, pyrotech-
                nicians, pyromaniacs etc)
!       I am self-taught.
?       I learned through trial and error, and by asking friends who
                learned the same way.
%       I only upgrade the technology I have if I can see a clear reason
                to do so.
#       While I often know exactly *how* something works, I just use it.
                Programming is all very well but it's not for me; I'm
                more into creating things with the proggys that someone
                else wrote.

Eg :

I'm pretty good with computers, but certainly not a guru. I'm more into the using side of technology and while not exactly self-taught I learned by the honourable traditional method - trial, error, crash, trial, a few more errors, crash, trial, and asking questions (I actually opened the shrink wrap on my DOS manual the other day, to back up the disks. Still haven't READ the bloody thing :)). I only really upgrade when I see a reason to, for instance I used to use TELIX because I didn't see enough benefit in other comms packages to warrant using them - *5 megs* for a comms prog? Take TERMINATE away! ;) - note that this was when my 246meg hdd was standard for a new system. My code came out to C++?%#

sex & age

"G" code.

Put your gender and then your age.

People who put "yes please" or "twice daily" will be hunted down and forced to use an XT with a 300 baud modem for all eternity. Don't laugh, I have one here and I'm not afraid to make you use it... ;)

m - Male
f - Female
o - Other.. specify in brackets. really. we want to know.

Mods :

!       I am an alien, vampire or some other life form (again, specify
                in brackets).
?       I prefer to let it remain a mystery, so I can continue fooling
                people on #sex.
@       For whatever reason, I am or try to be as androgynous as

Eg :

I am a 20 year old human male, so my code is Gm20


"h" code.

How tall (or otherwise) are you? You can use metric or imperial here, it doesn't matter really (but only use one). Some people insist that we use the metric system and should therefore give height in centimetres, but most people (well, I do, anyway) still use feet and inches. For those of you who don't know, one inch is approximately 2.5cm.

Eg :

My code is h5'8" in imperial or h170cm in metric. I use h170cm.

body size & shape

"b" code.

Sceners come in all shapes and sizes. They are, after all normal people (well, physically anyway ;)). There are two parts to the "b" code, your fitness or flesh tone and roundness. Mix and match until you get something that sounds right for you.


b+3:+3      Even my muscles have muscles; : I take up three movie
            I crack nuts with my biceps.    seats.
b++:++      I'm really into keeping my    : I'm quite, er, plump.
            body toned.
b+:+        I try to keep myself fit.     : I'm little rounder than most.
b:          I'm an average scener.        : I'm an average scener.
b-:-        I lose my breath walking.     : Everyone tells me to gain
                                            some weight.
b--:--      I can't walk up stairs.       : I tend to have to fight against
                                            a strong breeze.
b-3:-3      I can't even get out of bed.  : My bones are poking through
                                            my skin.


C       Ha! It's nothing that can't be fixed with cosmetic surgery...
D       I'm on a diet.
H       I'm in hospital.
M       This is a result of a medical condition (present or recent).
T       I am in training.
X       I have Complete Body Dysfunction (CBD). Sometimes call Total
                Body Dysfunction (TBD).

Eg's :

I'm of average fitness, but I'm a little underweight and a lot of people tell me to gain some weight (not as easy as it sounds!). My code is b:-

Some other examples include: b:++, b++:, b++:--.


"P" code.

Well, this one should be fairly self-explanatory... what kind of personality lurks within your grey matter? Put your usual personality first and any secondary personalities you have in brackets. Try to keep this down to around 3 codes (Granted, I'm not a very good example to follow on this one :)).

Co      Corporate Slave: You survive on stress; it's your life blood.
                You're a working wo/man who actually *loves* their
                high-stress job and enjoys the comforts that it brings.
                You'd like to personally kill every member of the Church
                of Bob.
Cy      Cynic: Yep, you've seen it all and know what's going to happen.
                When things piss you off you pay them out, after all
                they provide so much ammunition. Your reaction to the
                weight of your experience has not been to blubber at it
                and be depressed, but to attack it with all the flaming
                venom you can maintain.
De      Defeatist: "The whole world's against me.  I can't get a
                boy/girlfriend... I can't get a job... why is it always
                *me*?" Your preferred way of coping with things is by
                moping around blaming yourself and everyone around you.
Do      Dopey: This isn't to say that you've got a poor attention span,
                are dumb or not always "with it" (although these may
                apply). Some people like to sit and talk philosophy with
                friends all night; you're not one of them. You're the
                type who's more likely to just enjoy the chance to veg
                with BAYWATCH or do something else that doesn't tax your
                mind (like get stoned and play DOOM][ all night).
Dr      DramaQueen: Everything is always better or worse for *you*,
                something which you make a great point of all the
                time... much to your friends chagrin.
En      Ennui: You're bored. Really bored. Really really really bored.
                Really really really really bored. Really really......
G       Geeky: You wear a calculator in your pocket, collect photos of
                skid marks made by radial tyres and have big chunky
                coke-bottle glasses. You don't have any real enemies
                because, well, you're kinda socially insignificant ;).
                But hey, bank managers are people too! (I'm told).
L       Lazy: Stress is something that you prefer to avoid.. it reduces
                your life span, reduces your quality of life and makes
                you lose out on sleep. Relax, dammit! Let the slackness
                lead you to peace!
Ma      Manic: You have some pretty wild mood swings... You tend to go
                from Mopey and Defeatist to Perky and all shiny-happy,
                and back again, then up, then down, left a bit,
                straighten up, up a bit, right a touch.....
Mo      Mopey: Life is a permanent existential crisis, as you try to
                work out whether you feel worse about your own personal
                tragedies, the escalating conflicts in foreign lands,
                the fate of the world's starving or the futility of the
                United Nations. It's *all* wrong, and no-one knows it
                more than you do.
Na      Narky: You're an angry young (wo)man!  You've got a driving
                political/philosophical/religious/ideological cause, and
                you're not afraid to let people know. You've been
                known to push your point a tad... deconstructed
                re-thought paraphrased quoted rephrased and
                reconstructed into logical formed argument until the
                person you're talking to's brain seems to be melting and
                dribbling out their ears.
Ni      Nihilist: You don't care about anything or anyone.  People hate
                you, and you don't care... the world's environment is
                dying and it doesn't matter... your most likely response
                to an advert from the Save-the-Starving-Walrus Fund is
                "save a tree, shoot a koala!".
Pa      Panic Merchant: Life is a continuous panic situation that you're
                never quite prepared for... "BASIL!!!" ;)
Pe      Perky: Permanently happy. "Just because my dog died, the hair
                dryer exploded in my ear, my house burned down, my bank
                went bust, I wasn't insured for any of it and I've just
                been dumped doesn't mean I should be all *depressed*!!"
                Mopeys usually want to kill you.
Pr      Perfectionist: Things have to be just right, otherwise there'll
                be hell to pay. People who don't like you sometimes call
                you "anal retentive" but all those little tiny things
                out of place add up to huge problems!! Now shut up and
                dust along the top of the door frame.
Sc      Schemer: "I have a cunning plan.."  You've seen Blackadder, so
                you've got an idea... your impersonation of Rowan
                Atkinson in the title role is impeccable. This includes
                "scheming bitches" and the like.
Sh      Shy: "Please don't look at me.. oh, please.." *scuttles to the
                corner of the room* "I wish they wouldn't try to talk to
                me.." *pouts*  A shy person is, unfortunately, well,
                dreadfully shy when it comes to conversing with other
                people that they might encounter. Later, when they've
                become more comfortable, they may come out of their
                shells... but, until then... For sceners this isn't
                really as much of a problem as you might think. After
                all, how often is it that sceners are actually in the
                same room as each other?
Sl      Slut (and I mean this in the nicest possible way! ;)): You're
                God's gift to wo/men... (yes, guys can be sluts too)
                This isn't just your own opinion, either. You rarely are
                single for longer than a week, but at the same time
                you're rarely involved in a relationship for longer than
                a month. This may or may not be intentional on your
                part, however, the important bit is that you have no
                problems attracting fresh blood.
0       I have no personality (do not use with any other personality
!       You cannot and/or will not be classified according to any of the
                above. You are much too complex and noble a creature to
                allow yourself to be pigeonholed this way. "I am human
                being, number....." :)


OK, I'm hopeless at this because my mood shifts pretty wildly. I'm kinda manic, cynical, quite narky over a few issues (oOze readers can probably name one or two particular topics ;)) and don't classify overly well. So, my code is PMaCyNa!

sociability (for want of a better description)

"s" code.

Are you a misanthrope? A socialite? In between? The scene is based around computers, which is a pretty solitary pursuit. Do you like people or do you hate being around anything more than a list of names?

s+4     I am a socialite; if you want to find me I'm on the social pages
                of the paper ("Such a wonderful person leading a
                fabulous life").
s+3     I can't live without other people, and can't stand being alone.
s++     People are fantastic! I love everyone.
s+      I like most people.
s       I'm like most people; I like some, I dislike others.
s-      I like some, but most people get to me.
s--     People really bug me, I much prefer my own company.
s-3     I can't stand people, get away from me.
s-4     I actively avoid other humans, they're trash. Wipe 'em all out
                and give this place to the cockroaches!
s-!     People are great, individuals yes... but I can't fucking stand
                the masses.


#       I flip out if I go too long without getting out.
%       I like everyone, except for morons.
L       It's not to do with other people, I'm just a loner.
P       Despite my views on people, I still need my personal space.

Eg :

It's time to 'fess up, I really like people, but the great unwashed get on my goat. I hate going too long without company though, and can't stand morons. However, I need my own space sometimes. My code is s-!#%P

personal style

"S" code.

Are you a raver, a jock, a goth or a gym junky? Put your primary "look" first and then any secondary looks in brackets. Only use looks that you wear on a regular basis.

Bo      Bogan: You think the flannie goes really well with the ugg
                boots, especially when out in the Torana!
Cs      Corporate Slave (suit and tie): That's right, you're in the
                system and look like it. Conservative suits all the way.
Dm      Death metaller: loud DEICIDE shirts and jeans say it for you :)
Fv      Fashion Victim : You're the one who bought pink PVC dresses
                because they were in, and wore them with stackup heels
                and a tiny backpack. Characterised by taking mags like
                ELLE just a little too seriously, and you are the only
                person you know who actually WEARS the stuff you see in
                the JUICE fashion spread ;) (Hey, it's not like there's
                anything wrong with this! Really! ;))
Jo      Jock: Why banish sweat pants to the gym? They look great in
                *any* situation! You're the one who likes wearing
                muscle-tees, leotards and other fitness paraphernalia
                everywhere you go.
Jt      Jeans'n'T-shirt : Sure, we all wear jeans and T-shirts, but for
                you it's all you ever wear. This is separate from, say,
                a swampie who only wears black jeans and T's; in that
                your clothes are not geared towards another particular
                look other than, well, jeans'n't-shirts.
Go      Goth: black, black and more black. Frills, lace, PVC pants and
                boots with as many buckles you can fit on them. Yep,
                you're a goth. If you want to define yourself more
                specifically, go use the GothCode! :)
Gr      Grunger: If it hasn't been worn to death then it's not old
                enough for you to be wearing it :) Lifeline here I come!
Ho      Homie: who said these pants need to fit?
In      Indy kid: If anyone is going to be seen in public wearing
                Salvation Army style black slacks, complete with the
                thin red stripe along the side along; paired with a
                shirt with a pattern reminiscent of 1950s laminated
                tables, you're it! (Actual sighting!)
Ne      Nerd: Trousers that look suspiciously bell-bottomed, coke bottle
                glasses, notebook in top pocket for if you see a train
                and need to jot the number down for your collection. If
                your mum still buys your clothes, you're probably in
                this category.
Rv      Raver: Loud shirts and baggy pants, halters, hot pants etc etc.
Re      Redneck: You epitomise the pickup/boots/10 gallon hat kinda look.
Sl      Slob: So long as it covers the essentials and preferably (but
                not necessarily) can be removed without detergent and/or
                power tools, that's clothed well enough for you (this
                may include Crusties).
Sw      Swampie: similar to Goth, but not necessarily the same. You wear
                black but not in the same sort of way that goths do.
Yu      YUPPIE (casualwear): Yep, you're the one who keeps Country Road
                in business. Smart casual fits your style.
zz      Something not on this list.


I am more or less a goth, but I also wear casual stuff sometimes in a Jeans'n'T sort of way. It's not really a look that goes with one of these definitions, so my code is SGo(zz)


"O" code.

Are you in school? Uni? Working? Put your situation and how long you've been there (in years).

pr      Primary School (what the hell are you doing here?).
hi      High (Secondary) School.
te      Tertiary institution, ie University.
ta      TAFE College.
un      I'm unemployed.
wo      I'm in the workforce.
zz      Other.

Mods :

!       ...and I hate it!
#       ...and I love it!
$       I work as well as study.
@x      I work x number of jobs.

Eg's :

When i wrote this, i was in first year Uni and had a part time job, so my code was Ote1$

However, if I was still in high school, hating it and had 2 part time jobs I'd be Ose!@2

Now i've graduated, have a part time job but i'm more unemployed than not; so my code is Oun@1

skill area

"Sc" code

What area do you work in or study? Sceners tend to study Info Tech a lot, but not always. Sceners who are skilled or are working towards being skilled in more than one area should include all of their talents separated by their qualifiers. For simplicity, list them in the order you studied them.

Are you a...

ScAu    Scener of Authorship
ScAS    Scener of Applied Sciences (Nursing, Librarianship, etc.)
ScBi    Scener of Biology
ScBu    Scener of Business/Accountancy
ScGD    Scener of Commercial Arts/Graphic Design
ScCS    Scener of Computer Science
ScCD    Scener of Clothing Design/Production
ScDJ    Scener of DJ'ing (music programming)
ScEg    Scener of Engineering
ScEn    Scener of English
ScJr    Scener of Journalism
ScFa    Scener of Farming
ScFA    Scener of Fine Arts
ScSc    Scener of Government
ScHS    Scener of High School (use only if you're still there)
ScHu    Scener of Humanities
ScJu    Scener of Jurisprudence (Law)
ScMa    Scener of Maths
ScMA    Scener of Manual Arts (woodwork, metalwork, leatherwork, etc)
ScMD    Scener of Medicine
ScMk    Scener of Marketing
ScMi    Scener of the Military (includes those serving in the armed
                forces as part of their studies).
ScMu    Scener of Music (writing, producing, *not* DJ'ing)
ScNa    Scener of Massage, herbal lore, `new age remedies,' etc.
ScPh    Scener of Philosophy
ScSB    Scener of Small Business
ScPh    Scener of Photography
ScPS    Scener of the Physical Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology etc)
ScSS    Scener of Social Science (Psychology, Sociology, etc.)
ScTh    Scener of Theater
ScTW    Scener of Technical Writing

ScZZ    Scener of Other. You do something *far* more interesting!
Sc??    Scener of 'Undecided'. This would be a popular vocation with
        first-year uni students. Hell, I'm doing a BA in WTF?! :)
ScAT    Scener of All Trades. For those sceners that can do anything and
        everything.  ScAT usually precludes the use of other vocational
ScNQ    Scener of No Qualifications.


+4      Still pretty stupid, over qualified for any job, went and got my
                Ph.D. in the meantime.
+3      Had not learned enough to know better not to go back and try
                for a Masters degree...
++      Managed to finish my bachelors/postgrad diploma.
+       Started a degree, plan to finish it some day.
$       Did a course or apprenticeship, and am making some dosh for
$$      Got my bachelors, escaped alive, and am making hoards of money
                writing computer software that only *I* can maintain.
$3      The company I work for was dumb enough to fund my way through a
                masters degree, then started paying me even more money.
$4      Achieved a Ph.D, have devoted my life to insignificant research,
        which my employer pays dearly for.
!       Learned it the hard way and I'm now proficient enough to
                contemplate selling my products/services.. I'm planning
                my future in this field on the acquisition of those
                final skills in order to do it..
!!      Learned it the hard way and I'm now an expert.. schools never
                teach you what you _need_ to know anyway!


I am doing a BA and studying English and Journalism, but really don't know what I want to do. My code is ScEnJr??+

Now - ScJrPh++


"M" code.

Music plays a large role in some people's life, and most people have a particular taste in music. This is the code dealing with that area of your life. It's included as most people say they listen to tunes while they work at whatever they do, and it's often a discussion point in various forums.


M+4     Is there anything at all else to buy? Oh *food*, that's right...
M+3     I have the largest music collection out of everyone I know...
M++     I have a pretty decent CD/record/cassette collection.
M+      I enjoy listening to music.
M       I like it... but not much more than I like taking a leak. It's
                just one of those things that happen, okay?
M-      I can't make the time to sit around listening to music.
M--     I really don't like it. What's all the fuss about?
M-3     I'd rather wash my dog's testicles than listen to music.
M-4     I'd rather give my horse a six hour rimjob than listen to music,

Mods :

$       I would buy more music if I could afford it.
Px      I play x musical instruments.
W       I write my own music.
G       I sometimes do gigs/performances.
D       I have recorded my music on tape as a Demo or personal home
S       I have had my music professionally mixed and produced and have
                sold copies via local shops or gigs.
R       I am signed to a major recording studio/distribution network.


Writing .mod's and .s3m's as such is already covered by the "Scene Role" code, so don't put it here as well. If you ALSO record stuff for realspace playing, then put that in.

Eg :

I have a pretty good CD collection, would buy heaps more CDs if I were filthy rich enough to do it, and I play the saxophone. My code is M++p1$

musical taste

"m" code.

Now that you've worked out how much you like music, it's time to put down what kind of music you like. Music is one of the things that really gets used to define your social placing; after all it's a rare Goth that listens to Gangsta Rap, and not many Homies go to the opera.

What kinds of music do you listen to?

Ac      Acid Jazz.
Al      "Alternative" (I don't know, YOU define it :)).
Am      Ambient
Be      Be-Bop
Bm      Black metal
Br      BritPop
Cl      Classical
De      Death Metal
Ei      Eighties
Ex      Experimental music (eg, early PIL, Thou Gideon, etc).
Fu      Funk
Fs      Fusion
Ga      Garage Bands - gotta love that 4-track sound!
Go      Gothic (This is referred to here as a generic "goth" sound).
Gr      Grunge
He      Heavy Metal ('Eavy Me'al, 'Eavy Me'al, 'Eavy Me'al;
                      know wha' I mean?)
Ho      House (as opposed to techno, and including Deep House).
In      Industrial
Ip      Indie pop
Ja      Jazz
Me      Metal (Blanket term for all its permutations :))
Nr      New Romantics
Oi      Oi!
Op      Opera
Po      Pop
Pu      Punk
Ra      Rap
Re      Reggae, Man!
Ro      Rock
Sk      Ska
Sw      Swing
Te      Techno
Th      Thrash
Tr      Trance / GOA
To      Top 40... whatever is on the charts (I have no brain...).
zz      Some form of music not listed here.

Mods :

*       *All* forms of music.
%       *Most* forms of music, with a few definite dislikes.
.       *No* forms of music.
?       I don't know what the music I like is called.
@       I listen a lot of .mod's and .s3m's of this style of music.
!       I listen to all kinds of .mod's and .s3m's
!!      I listen to all kinds of .mod's and .s3m's and when doing so
                listen to styles of music I don't normally listen to
                (specify which in brackets).
&       I *only* listen to .mod's and .s3m's!


I like a heap of different styles of music, but with a heavy leaning on Industrial, Gothic, "Heavy Rock" styles and some Ambient, but there are some kinds of music I can't stand. I listen to .mod's and .s3m's and when I do so I often listen to Techno and House (which is not my usual taste); so my code here works out to mInGoRoAm%!!(HoTe)

eating habits

"F" code.

Most sceners do eat, so I'm told... but given the largely nocturnal activity that modeming in all its forms tends to be, these eating habits can turn out to be pretty interesting (and scary). Some people eat any old thing they can find when they can't ignore their stomach any longer, and some plan their meals down to the last nutritious detail. After all, we've all discovered at some time that Pizza Hut closes at midnight; so you'd better be prepared.

Choose one of the following:

F+4     I keep myself on a Very Strict Diet.
F+3     I graze like a bunny.. pass me a carrot!
F++     I always prefer to go for the healthy food, but occasionally
                I'll eat some crap...
F+      I sometimes go for the healthy stuff, but hey I'm not a fanatic.
F-      Food? I just grab whatever the hell's in the fridge that doesn't
                leap out when the door opens.
F--     I eat only the cheap things - even with artificial meat and
F-3     It all came out of a packet. Most of it had hot water thrown on it.
F-4     I live on potato chips and Jolt.
F-711   I live on the food in the local 7-11... no matter what shift it
                is, they know my name!
Fv      I'm a vampire and I only drink blood. (haha)
Fc      I have evolved to a new life form that gathers all the energy it
                needs from the radiation given off by computer monitors.
Fa      I prefer to use amphetamines like Speed and other illicit drugs to
                avoid silly things like eating.
Fh      I'm currently living with my parents, so a lot of meals just...


V       I am a vegetarian.
C       I am a carnivore (this only counts if you eat no veges).
P       I am a vegan (no meat or animal products of any kind).
D       My nutritional needs are determined by my body's intolerances.
!       I am allergic to almost all known substances and my culinary
                 habits are such because I am on doctors orders or
                 because I have massive allergies.
F       Although it doesn't affect the _quality_ of my eating habits, as
                listed above, I usually live on takeaways.
M       Although it doesn't affect the _quality_ of my eating habits, as
                listed above, I cook nearly all of my own food.
&       I prefer not to have to cook my own food, but when that's not an
                option I put a lot of effort into cooking something
%       I eat three meals a day... lunch, dinner and that weird meal you
                have at around one in the morning when you can't ignore 
		    the stomach pains anymore.
*       I eat three meals a day... but at night instead of day (coders
                and IRC freaks know about this one :)).
@       My eating habits are different during school/uni holidays (put
                your holiday habits in brackets).


Although a few of you out there who knew me in high school probably wouldn't believe it (anyone for a boston bun? :)), I sometimes eat healthy food (especially Europe bars in boring lectures). Also, when I am forced to cook my own stuff I prefer to do a good job of it, and on hoidays I usually end up with weird sleep patterns at some stage and eat at midnight. My code works out to F++&@(%)


"L" code.

Where are you? Sceners seem to come from a pretty wide range of places. Put your country code first in LOWERCASE (us for America, uk for United Kingdom) then the abbreviated name or zip code for your state in UPPERCASE.

AD   Andorra                    AE   United Arab Emirates
AF   Afghanistan(Islamic St.    AG   Antigua and Barbuda
AI   Anguilla                   AL   Albania
AM   Armenia                    AN   Netherland Antilles
AO   Angola (Republic of)       AQ   Antarctica
AR   Argentina                  AS   American Samoa
AT   Austria                    AU   Australia
AW   Aruba                      AZ   Azerbaijan
BA   Bosnia-Herzegovina         BB   Barbados
BD   Bangladesh                 BE   Belgium
BF   Burkina Faso               BG   Bulgaria
BH   Bahrain                    BI   Burundi
BJ   Benin                      BM   Bermuda
BN   Brunei Darussalam          BO   Bolivia
BR   Brazil                     BS   Bahamas
BT   Bhutan                     BV   Bouvet Island
BW   Botswana                   BY   Belarus
BZ   Belize                     CA   Canada
CC   Cocos (Keeling) Isl.       CF   Central African Rep.
CG   Congo                      CH   Switzerland
CI   Ivory Coast                CK   Cook Islands
CL   Chile                      CM   Cameroon
CN   China                      CO   Colombia
CR   Costa Rica                 CS   Czechoslovakia
CU   Cuba                       CV   Cape Verde
CX   Christmas Island           CY   Cyprus
CZ   Czech Republic             DE   German
DI   Djibouti                   DK   Denmark
DM   Dominica                   DO   Dominican Republic
DZ   Algeria                    EC   Ecuador
EE   Estonia                    EG   Egypt
EH   Western Sahara             ER   Eritrea
ES   Spain                      ET   Ethiopia
FI   Finland                    FJ   Fiji
FK   Falkland Isl.(Malvinas)    FM   Micronesia
FO   Faroe Islands              FR   France
FX   France (European Ter.)     GA   Gabon
GD   Grenada                    GE   Georgia
GF   Guiana (Fr.)               GH   Ghana
GI   Gibraltar                  GL   Greenland
GM   Gambia                     GN   Guinea
GP   Guadeloupe (Fr.)           GQ   Equatorial Guinea
GR   Greece                     GS   South Georgia and South
                                       Sandwich Islands
GT   Guatemala                  GU   Guam (US)
GW   Guinea Bissau              GY   Guyana
HK   Hong Kong                  HM   Heard & McDonald Isl.
HN   Honduras                   HR   Croatia
HT   Haiti                      HU   Hungary
ID   Indonesia                  IE   Ireland
IL   Israel                     IN   India
IO   British Indian O. Terr.    IQ   Iraq
IR   Iran                       IS   Iceland
IT   Italy                      JM   Jamaica
JO   Jordan                     JP   Japan
KE   Kenya                      KG   Kyrgyz Republic
KH   Cambodia                   KI   Kiribati
KM   Comoros                    KN   St.Kitts Nevis Anguilla
KP   Korea (North)              KR   Korea (South)
KW   Kuwait                     KY   Cayman Islands
KZ   Kazachstan                 LA   Laos
LB   Lebanon                    LC   Saint Lucia
LI   Liechtenstein              LK   Sri Lanka
LR   Liberia                    LS   Lesotho
LT   Lithuania                  LU   Luxembourg
LV   Latvia                     LY   Libya
MA   Morocco                    MC   Monaco
MD   Moldova                    MG   Madagascar (Republic of)
MH   Marshall Islands           MK   Macedonia (former Yugoslavia)
ML   Mali                       MM   Myanmar
MN   Mongolia                   MO   Macau
MP   Northern Mariana Isl.      MQ   Martinique (Fr.)
MR   Mauritania                 MS   Montserrat
MT   Malta                      MU   Mauritius
MV   Maldives                   MW   Malawi
MX   Mexico                     MY   Malaysia
MZ   Mozambique                 NA   Namibia
NC   New Caledonia (Fr.)        NE   Niger
NF   Norfolk Island             NG   Nigeria
NI   Nicaragua                  NL   Netherlands
NO   Norway                     NP   Nepal
NR   Nauru                      NU   Niue
NZ   New Zealand                OM   Oman
PA   Panama                     PE   Peru
PF   Polynesia (Fr.)            PG   Papua New Guinea
PH   Philippines                PK   Pakistan
PL   Poland                     PM   St. Pierre & Miquelon
PN   Pitcairn                   PR   Puerto Rico (US)
PT   Portugal                   PW   Palau
PY   Paraguay                   QA   Qatar
RE   Reunion (Fr.)              RO   Romania
RU   Russian Federation         RW   Rwanda
SA   Saudi Arabia               SB   Solomon Islands
SC   Seychelles                 SD   Sudan
SE   Sweden                     SG   Singapore
SH   St. Helena                 SI   Slovenia
SJ   Svalbard & Jan Mayen Is    SK   Slovakia (Slovak Rep)
SL   Sierra Leone               SM   San Marina
SN   Senegal                    SO   Somalia
SR   Suriname                   ST   St. Tome and Principe
SU   Soviet Union               SV   El Salvador
SY   Syria                      SZ   Swaziland
TC   Turks & Caicos Islands     TD   Chad
TF   French Southern Terr.      TG   Togo
TH   Thailand                   TJ   Tadjikistan
TK   Tokelau                    TM   Turkmenistan
TN   Tunisia                    TO   Tonga
TP   East Timor                 TR   Turkey
TT   Trinidad & Tobago          TV   Tuvalu
TW   Taiwan                     TZ   Tanzania
UA   Ukraine                    UG   Uganda
US   United States              UY   Uruguay
UZ   Uzbekistan                 VA   Vatican City State
VC   St. Vincent & Grenadines   VE   Venezuela
VG   Virgin Islands (British    VI   Virgin Islands (US)
VN   Vietnam                    VU   Vanuatu
WF   Wallis & Futuna Islands    WS   Samoa
YE   Yemen                      YT   Mayotte
YU   Yugoslavia                 ZA   South Africa
ZM   Zambia                     ZR   Zaire
ZW   Zimbabwe

Mods :

+3      I live in the inner city area of the capital city of my state
                or territory.
++      I live in the inner city area of a non-capital city.
+       I live in the suburbs of the capital city of my state or
!       I live in the suburbs of a non-capital city.
-       I live in the centre of a town.
--      I live in the suburbs.
-3      I live out in the country on a farm or station/ranch, with road
                access to towns nearby.
-4      Help me I am in hell!

!       I live in a country where a language other than English is the
                primary language, making English my second language.

Eg :

I live in an inner suburb of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia; so my code is LauQLD+

completed codes

An old version of my complete code went like this -

I++EmNeMaIr@( B-ReIn@2 H++!&^2 T3 C++?%# s-!#% PMaCyNa! Gm19 Oun1$ ScPhJr??+ M++p1$ mInGoAmTrTe%!! SGo F++&@(%) h178cm b:- LauQLD+

- well short enough for a .sig plus a quote or joke or whatever.

Here's Maeve Wolf's code as it was at SceneCode v1.00....

-Maeve Wolf . SceneCodev1.0
RAn(Mist)Li(Revolt)Vg(*)Wr(!oOze&)@heaps T3 E++% I+EmIrNeWe@(!$ B--ReIn@1 H+!?^2(Tatharina:IRC) C+w!%# s- PMa Gf18 Ote ScGD+ M+$P1 mPoRoTo SJt(Bo) F+& h152cm b: LAuACT+


Maeve Wolf, sq2, Annihilannic, oOze contributers, #gothic people, Synic, Brisigoths, a.c.g people, people who keep the scene alive.

And, finally, here's the GothCode that started it all :)
[It's well out of date now, just in case you didn't realise...]

So who reads GothCodes anyway? :) v2.0A GoHu??+ ?TAn(JtYzz) B8/18Bk^1]1
cBRs+)++( *PSaNiMoNaLPe V+s M++p1)p2( ZInGoGnJa-- C++u a17= n+ b:- H176
g]g-[ m--?&)@1( *w++T r+B D+!* *h+ s10 k? Rmz SsYy N1295cnl LauQLD+*/-3
HfsS/zS*2  [[ @--}--- :)/:( ]]  just one more and i'll walk away - cure




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