Get your mind out of the gutter, you at the back!

Martin is largely nocturnal. Largely? well... what can you say about a wing that only sleeps (collectively) for about 2-3 hours a day? (about 3-6am usually everyone - or near as damnit everyone - is asleep.) The other 21 hours of the day, there are people around, however the wing's primary activity time is 8-9pm onwards.

That said, some people stand out from the night-dwelling crowd... so they are honoured (hrrm :)) here for their notable nocturnal efforts/habits. Nominations can be made for new awards or additional awards to existing award-holders.

The Nocturnal Awards

PRA = Post-Residence Award

  • Nicola for her late-night jogging fetish.
  • Melita for her thing with strapping wheels to her feet.
  • Lenore for braving the cold on her bike to keep Nicola company.
  • (PRA) Megan for disappearing for large amounts of time on her bike and staying up all night for no particular reason the night before a final exam.
  • Swab for disappearing for large amounts of time with other people's bikes :)
  • Pooky for his assignment, mp3 and irc all-nighters. Pooky wins a second Nocturnal Award for his effort on Sunday 14-6-98, when he slept all day (apart from a brief waking period when he was shot with sucker-darts by a roving gang of martians).
  • Jeffo for being around to talk to at all hours.
  • (PRA) Croc for keeping downstairs nice and cold all through winter by propping the door open to smoke those lovely rollies.
  • John... two words: "emulator" and "newsgroups".
  • Smithy OS king, conqueror of bandwidth.
  • The Fiend WBS. Need i say more... did i mention he's big? :)

  • A collective Nocturnal Award goes to all those involved in late night/early morning McDonalds runs to the city. (Special mention for Smithy, for providing transport... scrape those mudflaps!)

    I suppose i should give myself an honourable mention for being on a first-name basis with night-shift Subway employees and reaching a stage where the security guards just throw me the Henderson gate key without asking.

    Back whence you came...