poetry of the spirit

"hello image"

the music calls from the stereo
i answer, sing along, ride the wave
so sweet, the words kiss my ears
conjuring entire worlds with suggestions
night skies, deep green forests
smoky clubs and dark alleys
elation, despair, love and hate
all in the words on the glossy inlay...

so i turn to the world,
and the words remain in my head...
and when i met the girl i would come to love
my mind kept wanting to ask :

"hello image, sing me a line from your favourite song"

words come with the music. it's one of those little quirks in life. you buy an album - "for the music", supposedly - but then you go home, put it on and go straight for that lyric sheet. you want to know what the lyrics you're listening to are, or read them as well as hear them to help figure out what they mean. in fact, what may be bringing you back is the story they left in your head last time. saying we buy albums for the music is just a simplistic term we use without thinking about what we're saying.

it could be the most beautiful poetry, the angriest challenge, or a recipe ground out menacingly in german to make parents think it's satanic (see "Die Eier Von Satan" from aenima by Tool :)). whatever. they're the lyrics.

this page is basically a collection of lyrics that's been filling up a corner of my hdd for the last couple of years (ie... since I got the computer...). they're not meant to be the definitive collection of my favourite lyrics; when i tried that the page was getting far too big. they're just what i've found and kept.

--- the collection ---

I used to have a collection of lyrics here, but Tripod no longer allow directory listings. Bleh. Well, it's redundent these days - finding lyrics used to be a real challenge but that was before Google ;)

the vault