Artwork for the ill-fated issue five.

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Event Horizon was an ezine about roleplaying put together way back when I was in high school. In our glorious (hrrm :)) three issues, we covered games such as Vampire: The Masquerade, Cyberpunk 2020, Call of Cthulu and Star Wars. We tried to talk about the whole experience of roleplaying... What it means, how to make it better, what we found to be game killers and other RPG issues. It was all, naturally, strictly In Our Humble Opinions; but I think we did an intelligent job.

There were plans and material written for at least five issues, but unfortunately after three issues a range of problems caused the zine's demise.


Here are the three issues in .zip format...

DISCLAIMER: These files are provided as-is with no guarantees or warranties. They're perfectly ok and we virus-checked the crap out of them back in 1995 (and again in 2005 :)). However I'm still going to point out that you're running them at your own risk, because that's the sort of world we live in today.

They were created for DOS6, but work under Windows 2000. I think I ran them under XP one time, but I don't remember for sure.

What are these files?

Each .zip includes a PC executable file originally created and used under MS-DOS 6. To view the mag, just unzip each issue into a separate directory and either run the .exe from a DOS window; or double-click the .exe like any other program. A full-screen (not maximised) DOS prompt session may be the best option on windows machines if you have any trouble. Be aware that some of the zines will go out to a full-screen mode, don't panic! :)

Why PC .exe files? This mag predates the boom of the information super-bandwagon. It was created in the days of DOS; 14.4k modems and ansi-interface BBSes (computer bulletin boards, you at the back). In those halcyon days, the demoscene was thriving and Windows™ was just a clown suit for DOS. So get over your GUI and give your DOS prompt a go - this is how it was done. Note that the zine interfaces and styling were the epitome of cool in their context :) Ahh hell, I still don't mind them now.

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