Artwork for the ill-fated issue five.

event   horizon

Event Horizon was an ezine about roleplaying that I contributed to when I was in high school. In our glorious (hrrm :)) three issues, we covered games such as Vampire: The Masquerade, Cyberpunk 2020, Call of Cthulu and Star Wars.

We tried to talk about the whole experience of roleplaying... What it means, how to make it better, what we found to be game killers and other RPG issues. It was all strictly IMHO but I think we did an intelligent job for our age.

There were plans and material written for at least five issues. We got three done before the zine's demise, for reasons I've forgotten and probably only made sense to teenagers anyway.


DISCLAIMER: These files are DOS executables created by some kids in the nineties, and you are most certainly running them at your own risk.

Last seen working on Windows 2000. These days you'll need a DOS emulator.

Why Windows .exe files?

This mag predates the web. It was created in the days of DOS; 14.4k modems and ansi-interface BBSes. In those halcyon days, the demoscene was thriving and Windows™ was just a clown suit for DOS. So this is just how it was done back then (that includes the style and design, which were all the fashion at the time).

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