Trenchcoat Day

the first day of the year you can wear your trenchcoat without melting.


the idea.

it began in brisbane, the friendly but hot town where i live. basically, for the long hot summer months your beloved trencoat languishes in your wardrobe; too hot to even consider being worn. then the weather turns slightly cooler, then actually cool, and so on...

finally one day it's chilly.

you approach the wardrobe, reach in, pick up the coat... feeling the weight, which comes as a surprise after months in t-shirts... you shrug into it and that familar weight settles onto your shoulders. you stand for a minute, monitoring your body for warning signs of heatstroke. nothing! it is officially cool enough to wear your coat without dying a nasty sweaty death... it's....

Trenchcoat Day.

no other day quite like it.


the beginning.

the phenomenon was first observed one morning, many moons ago, when i was but a young gothling - about two years in on the scene. together with my friends i had just weathered another long, hot, deadly-to-goths summer. we spent a pleasant evening having a few quiet drinks (heh); and when the extended household (friends staying over) woke up, by some chance everyone found they felt comfortably warm in their trenchcoats. we had been lamenting the hot weather just the night before, so the timing seemed fortuitous... you know, as things do through a vodka hangover.

coffees were imbibed and spirits began to rise - hell, we could finally wear our trenches! as the caffeine kicked in it was decided - the day could not go unmarked. we had to do something. so we did what our student budgets allowed us to do... we donned our trenchcoats and went into the city, purely to enjoy being free to wear what we really wanted to wear. besides that, a group of people striding along in trenchcoats can really clear a path through the mall.

thus the tradition was born.


uh huh.

no really. it's a big thing when you only get to wear your trench for a couple of months of the year. Trenchcoat Day is a day to celebrate your love for long coats, in a manner you feel is appropriate. rejoice in your wardrobe.


but i've seen people wearing greatcoats in mid-summer!

they're idiots. other goths are wondering when they brainsnapped, or alternatively taking bets on when they're going to pass out. that said, some people do seem utterly immune to heatstroke and could probably wear a trenchcoat at noon in the desert.


you know, trenchcoat day's not such a bad idea after all.

now you're just sucking up.