another quiz, in place of real content

  1. Do you still know/talk to the person you lost your virginity to? Yes.
  2. What would you do with 1,000 plastic spoons? Something random. Perhaps post them to people at work via internal mail.
  3. What kind of music did you listen to in elementary school? If that means high school, then... lots of The Cure, The Clash, Depeche Mode, NIN, etc.
  4. What is the best thing about your current job? The amount of silly shit we get away with. Talk Like A Pirate day (just past) involved multiple people (some in full dressup) getting around with flintlocks ARRRRing their hearts out.
  5. Do you wish cell phone etiquette was a required class upon purchasing one? Yep. Especially the one where you keep the phone on your person, or turn it off. Don't leave the fucking thing on your desk where your WILD, CRAZY RINGTONE! will drive everyone up the wall while you go on a long lunch.
  6. Are you against marriage? Yes and no. No, I'm engaged :) But yes, I have come to understand that I hate the institution of marriage (and weddings), because it has so little to do with the two people getting married. The amount of surrounding SHIT and ANGST just isn't worth it. So few weddings are true celebrations of the couple... it's just wrong.
    So... marriage where two people make a lifelong commitment and celebrate it their way... yeah that's ok. Marriage because they think they have to and it's a meringue-dress nightmare which all but ruins the couple's relationship... fuck that.
    Also, the term "marriage" is still a battleground over whether it's allowed to legally apply to anything other than a Christian, Male+Female couple. I think it's utterly wrong that the government refuses to recognise gay marriage, nor give the same legal benefits as hetero marriage. So that doesn't help my view of marriage.
  7. Why? I think people need to think for themselves a bit more. I think people adopt moral codes and act out social rituals without evaluating what they actually think of them.
  8. What's the most fucked up food combination you've come up with that's actually tasty? Hmm. Well, as a kid my after school snack used to be a glass of milo, some raisin toast and a slice of cheese. I haven't been game to try it as an adult to see what I think.
  9. Have you been on a date in the past week? No.
  10. If yes... how did it go, if no, why not? Engaged, remember? :)
  11. Where are you going on your next vacation? Sydney.
  12. Quote a song lyric, because I told you to! "I'm not alone, I'm not afraid, I'm not unhappy... I'M NOT AFRAID!!!" (VNV Nation - Fearless)
  13. Are most of the friends in your life new or old? Old. And scattered to the four winds.
  14. Would you rather lose an arm or an eye? I really can't make choices like that.
  15. Do you own any furniture from Ikea? Yes. Way too much, actually. But hey it does look good.
  16. Are you ashamed of having it? Nah. The alternative is to pay literally ten times as much for the furniture I'd really prefer and I just can't do it. Or pay nearly as much for Super A-Mart stuff and ...well, I'm not a student any more. And I haven't forgiven them for discontinuing their black bookcases.
  17. What do you wish someone would buy you? There's an awsome duplex in St Lucia. L and I have joked many times that it would be cool to have both and do them up as His and Hers. Failing that, an Aston Martin Vanquish. Failing that a black Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Z-tune. Failing that, a black Subaru WRX STi or Evo (which is a spec, not a body kit). Failing that, an Alienware laptop, iPod photo and a Canon 20D/350D. Materialistic much? More than I like really.
  18. What do you think of hipsters? The pants? Pass me a 20c piece.
  19. What are you wearing right now? Black tshirt, black pants, black boots. Standard work outfit.
  20. When is the last time you had mum's home cooking? Holy crap. I think it might be years. My dad, sister or brother-in-law usually cook at family gatherings. Mum sits back and enjoys the chaos. That said, I'm sure she must have cooked something at one of the tribal events, I just can't remember when it was :)
  21. Do you like your parents? Yes.
  22. What state/country are you from? Queensland, Australia
  23. Do you ever wish you were gay/straight? No. I like my girlie :)
  24. Tell us about the last conversation you had. Ummmm, relating bad news to a workmate and friend about the demise of another friend's car restoration project (car destroyed in the spraypaint shop, literally a bit of paint away from being finished).
  25. Where do you see yourself in one month? Back at work after a holiday.
  26. What is your favorite smell? Hmm. The country, just after rain.
  27. Home Depot: pure evil or pure genius? We don't have those. So, no idea.
  28. Do you consider yourself bi-polar? No. Although, I happily maintain an alternate name online; which probably qualifies as an alternate identity. Although that wasn't the intention.
  29. What is the time and the outside temperature at the moment? 11:26am, warmish maybe 23degC.