five questions meme

[reposted from sleebo's lj and extended a little in some areas.]

The first 5 people who post an "ask me" comment will be asked five questions by me. You post the answers in your own journal and the whole thing goes on and on forever.

hmm. note to self: sally will call your bluff :)

1) What's the worst illness or injury you have ever had?

Worst injury would have been breaking my arm in primary school. I think the medical term is 'double compound fracture'. Both bones in my forearm. Hurt like hundreds of green ants had bitten me in one place.

[sidenote.. i nearly didn't post this next bit and i did trim it down in the lj post. i guess i don't really expect other people to be interested, or perhaps i don't want people to think that i think they should be interested :)]

Worst illness was glandular fever, which set in during Year 11. The absolute worst hit the week of a school musical; there were no understudies and I had a lead role. I spent about a week in bed, literally only pulling myself out of bed three nights running to go do the show; then back to bed. I watched a video of the show a few weeks ago (my mum's dumping old tapes to dvds). I did a pretty crap job (acting and singing); but as my mum commented "considering how sick you were, it was an award winning performance".

Doctors diagnosed glandular fever about six months later while testing my blood to confirm german measles, or something. But I wasn't really in bad shape at the time, so it was really just mentioned in passing - "by the way, you've had glandular fever".

I felt tired as death (and usually sick in my stomach) for the rest of Year 11 and most of Year 12. At the time, Glandular Fever was very much seen as "yuppy flu" and not especially treated as something debilitating. So I just struggled on.

I had a couple of relapses. Glandular doesn't just "go away" after one hit; it can hit you again later, particularly when you're stressed.. and I was in my senior year of high school. To this day, stress tends to make me nauseous.

We worked a lot of this out well after the fact. At the time, people just thought I was a moody teenager who didn't like eating :-)

2) If somebody made a movie about your life, who should play you?

Oh gawds. I dunno. Some anti-hero type :) John Cusack or Kevin Spacey would be cool.

3) If you could have any job or career, what would it be?

Who doesn't want to be a rock star or a-list dj? ;) Or perhaps an F1 driver - man, it'd be hard to take: drive extraordinarily fast in exotic locations and get paid squillions to do it.

To be honest, if being a web geek paid more I'd probably be happy. I'm not sure it's the job that people really wish for, it's being rich enough not to have to work.... hence you'd pick something you simply *wanted* to do.

In general, most peoples' dreams are held back by lack of money; or the need to keep their job for the security it provides. If your average person suddenly had $10million they'd probably be able to do most of their wildest dreams. Without fear of failure and bankruptcy, people could pursue whatever dream they wanted.

Plus there are those purely material dreams. I can dream of driving an Aston Martin Vanquish, but I simply don't have the earning power (or old money inheritance :)) to do it.

So, I guess I'd be happy if I won the lotto and did web/accessibility consulting. Being your own boss is pretty damn rewarding, the stress comes from relying on it for your living.

4) If you could change one thing about your appearance, what would it be?

Not sure if this counts... but it'd be nice if I had good vision and didn't need glasses. People who don't have to wear them don't realise how lucky they are ;)

A little less weedy and a bit more buff wouldn't go astray, but sadly genetics aren't my friend there.

5) Describe a vivid childhood memory

hmm. hmmmmmm.

this one is perhaps the hardest. i'm having trouble calling childhood memories to mind. it's more just moments/flashes.

- the gut-wrenching fear and pain in my fingers from clinging to the saddle of a bolting horse.

i'd jumped on one of the neighbours show horses for some reason. riding each others horses was kind of like kids riding each others bikes i guess (i lived on a farm from about 8 years old onwards). i think i accidentally gave the horse some kind of signal (it was a trained jumper) and it took off with a jerk that took the reins out of my hands. it ran around the paddock a few times and jumped a few things. finally it stopped and i practically leapt off it.

i remember being determined NOT to *fall* off when the horse stopped, which is a classic bolting horse cropper :) it wasn't a major bolt, but i wasn't very big at the time and the horse was considerably bigger than my own pony.

it was weird that while part of me was freaking out, part of my mind was calm and collected and knew what i *should* do; but i couldn't make my hands let go of the saddle to reach forward and grab the reins. you're supposed to grip with your knees, not your hands.