yet another quiz

  1. What time do you wake up in the morning? Late as possible :)
  2. If you could eat lunch with one famous person who would it be? Hmm. Hard to choose and we're only talking about a brief time anyway. It depends a bit on what you use to judge the best candidate - musical talent? intellectual brilliance? inspirational life and personality? Possibles: Robert Smith, so I could ask him about the song Homesick. Bono, so long as I could take my gf along. Moby. Billy Connolly. Actually, yeah, the Big Yin - Billy Connolly.
  3. Gold or silver? Silver. Gold is beautiful, but it has been used just a bit too much for shitty jewellery. Besides, silver goes better with black.
  4. What was the last film you saw at the cinema? The third Lord of the Rings movie (i really should be able to recall the name, but i'm tired). It was a while ago, in gold class with a big group - some friends booked out an entire gold class cinema. I always intend to see movies but mostly end up seeing them on TV or DVD. A few too many packed cinemas with people talking through the movie i think - now i only want to go gold class, or just take the DVD home. That and movie tickets got waaaaay too expensive. I saw more movies when I was a student and got in cheap.
  5. Least favourite tv show? What the hell is "least favourite"? Anyway, there is a staggering array of shows I'd like to see expunged from this world. I'd probably start with Home and Away.
  6. What do you have for breakfast? Weekdays usually an Up&Go (breakfast drink) and a coffee and muesli bar later on. Weekends cereal with yoghurt.. then coffee, or toast... then coffee, or a cooked breakfast (although to be honest i can never be arsed to make one - or clean up afterwards more to the point - so that's only if we go to a cafe or my gf decides she wants one)...and coffee.
  7. What would you hate to be left in a room with? Nothing. As in, not a thing. Or a stereo with nothing but Top 40 crap.
  8. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? No, but i don't really feel like i'm missing out on anything important.
  9. Middle name? I have the same middle name as everyone with my first name. I'll leave it at that.
  10. Do you like your name? If not what would you change it to? Not especially; and I'm not sure. I do answer to heretic in real life and quite a few people know me by that name. So I guess I have changed it to some degree.
  11. Beach or city? City. I'd go along with a city with a beach, so long as nobody expected me to go near the beach when the sun is out.
  12. Summer or winter? Winter. Trenchcoat weather. You can warm up more easily than you can cool down.
  13. Tea or coffee? Coffee. Good coffee. "Instant" is not "coffee". Plunger or filter at home, haven't tried espresso machines yet. Latte, espresso/short black, mocha, vienna or iced coffee (no cream) at cafes. Mocha if i think they're idiots and/or the coffee is crap - it's moderately harder to really screw up a mocha, yet easier to combat a bad job with sugar.
  14. Buttered, plain or salted popcorn? I'm not a connoisseur.. buttered and salted is damn tasty though :)
  15. Most exciting thing that's happened to you recently: Umm. Trip to Sydney to see Covenant (industrial band from Sweden). Although that didn't exactly "happen to" me. Nearly piling into an accident on the freeway recently was a cheap thrill, but not one i'd care to repeat or wish on anyone else. A couple of cars had collected each other; write-offs i reckon; it happened just around a curve a few seconds before i got there. Not the first time it's happened actually; first time was much worse - a traffic jam in a big dip on the highway; came over the crest at 100km/h and had to pull up in my old Volvo. Not fun. I know now why ABS brakes were invented - it's nearly impossible to break your panic and pull your foot off the brake pedal.
  16. Favourite car? Mine (Holden Astra CD 5-door). If I won lotto I'd choose the 9 or 10 cars that were right for me though. I love Aston Martins; eg. DB7 or Vanquish. Lamborghini Countach or Diablo. Ferrari Modena. Shelby Mustang GT like Eleanor in Gone In 60 Seconds (you can buy a perfect replica of that exact car). Big-arse truck like a Dodge Ram. Oh yeah, a Dodge Viper. Jaguar XJ220. Nissan Skyline GTR. A shmick commercial van for moving stuff around (those things are great). Pugeot 406 coupe. Holden Crewman Cross 8. You get the picture I'm sure.
  17. Favourite sandwich filling? Turkey, cranberry, brie, olives, lettuce. Goes well on a focaccia(sp?).
  18. True love.....? As you wish.
  19. What characteristics do you despise? Thievery and greed; lies; petty malice; stupidity; ugliness of the soul.
  20. What characteristics do you love? Loyalty; reliability; a "good heart" as someone once said to me.
  21. Favourite biscuit? Ginger snaps. Or maybe dark Tim Tams, or Delta Creams.
  22. If you had a big win on the lottery, how long would you leave before you told people? People I trust would know almost immediately. People I didn't trust ("everyone else") may not ever know; and even then probably not the actual amount.
  23. Fizzy or still water as a drink? Still.
  24. What colour is your bathroom? Shades of blue. Yech. Rental property.
  25. How many keys on your key ring? About seven.
  26. Where would you retire to? Rainforest retreat with a huge stereo and nobody to complain.
  27. Can you juggle? Only two. Doesn't really count.
  28. Favourite day of the week? Friday.
  29. Red or white wine? Red.
  30. What did you do for your last holiday? Go to Sydney to see Covenant... :)
  31. Do you carry a donor card? Well, here it's on your driver's licence. But I haven't said yes. I don't know why, but I find it irrationally freaky and can't cope with the idea. I know all the good reasons, but unfortunately that's how I feel right now.
  32. Say one thing about the person who sent this to you... Not really applicable since I grabbed it off the net. I grabbed it off someone who I don't actually know; but they have improved my (somewhat dim) view of Police.
  33. CD/cassette that is currently in your car? Compilation of club/dance/fire-up tunes. Dubbed the "Clubbing With Kev" mix, since it got played a great deal in the car when we were heading out to clubs with Kev.
  34. CD/cassette that is currently in your house stereo? CD4 of Join The Dots by The Cure. Just bought it today, mostly for the Purple Haze cover. An expensive purchase but worth it. I've wanted the Purple Haze cover for years; ever since I heard it played on Triple J (probably during the Cure J-Files). Ahh, those were the days - back when Triple J didn't suck.
  35. What are you going to do once you've finished this? Head off to bed. Was originally going to dial up and post this, but was somewhat distracted...