the unstoppable quiz meme

quiz one

# What's in your freezer?

Meat, ice cream, frozen tubes of minced herbs, pies, chips, peas, a variety of oddly-shaped ice cubes (thanks to ikea...).

# What would you consider your "theme song" to be?

Hmm. "Homesick" by The Cure is my enduring favourite song... but that doesn't really count. I don't really have a song I consider my Theme Song.

At times certain songs have had significance though... basically certain songs would be the "go apeshit" songs. Be it on the dancefloor, at parties, whatever. In high school it was Milquetoast by Helmet. Between the end of highschool and uni it was Cake & Sodomy by Marilyn Manson. During uni... Ich Bin Ein Auslander by PWEI; Shop (remix) by Snog. Hey Boy Hey Girl by Chemical Brothers got a look in for a while after uni; as did Right Here Right Now by Fatboy Slim. Now... umm, not sure. Probably all the club songs:

In clubs DJing/dancing there are a few tracks I can't resist... Killing Fields (Guitar Fixer Mix) by Funker Vogt; Honor by VNV Nation; Stalker by Covenant; More Human Than Human by White Zombie; Fun With Drugs by Velvet Acid Christ. Actually there's a ton of songs that I can't resist. Play them all in a row and I'll probably die of exhaustion on the dancefloor ;)

I don't think I could ever pick one theme song. It would either be too wanky; too misleading (I like some songs purely because they make me laugh); or it would only be appropriate during a specific mood. At work You Shit Me To Tears by The Tenants would frequenly top the list.... :)

# What CD do you own pops into your mind first?

Covenant - Northern Light. Just bought it. Also Reality By Deception by Sonicanimation. Both CDs make me desperate to get another DJ spot to spin them :)

# What DVD you own pops into your mind first?

Terminator 2 special edition. Just bought it. Also thought of Ronin.

# What does your bed look like?

Queen size; black and red sheets with (possibly pseudo) kanji on them (came with the bed, looks good); dark wood with simple black metal bars. Unmade... I never make the bed - what's the point? Who cares?

# What's hanging on the walls of your room?

In the bedroom: photos - one of me with the family dogs (both gone now, I miss them), one I took of an angel statue (currently also used on my homepage). Also a lantern thing with a pic of a dragon on it. The room I'm in now has a big red wall hanging with a black print of a dragon on it. With about three exceptions, everything currently on the walls in our unit is created by us or someone in either of our families (photos, drawings, paintings).

# What's in your CD player right now?

Ministry of Sound - Chillout Sessions 2.

# What's the first website you ever bookmarked?

Holy crap, I can't remember; it was a loooong time ago. It might have been Altavista; since that was the best search engine back then. Like I said, a long time ago.

# What's the first site you go to in the morning?

Usually MegaTokyo; or perhaps or friends' journals.

# Most expensive thing you've bought recently?


# What are you saving up money for?

First - pay back some money I borrowed. Then some smaller stuff like a dedicated DJ case; then a digital camera. On the side I'm very slowly saving for a trip to Melbourne for a friend's wedding next year. Ultimately I'll save for a deposit on a house, but that's a way off.

I've only recently got to a stage where I can even slightly claim to have any kind of financial plan. I'm shit at budgeting.

# What is the first thing you do when you get home?

Dump my bag; hang up my coat; take off my boots; if I've been at work I usually get changed.

[edit: my girlfriend insists that this answer is incomplete; as apparently I go find her for a hug before taking off my boots.]

# What's under your bed?

Single mattress; a couple of boxes; clothes baskets; my bokken (wooden training sword).

# What are you looking forward to?

Being more financially stable. Getting my arse out and about to see friends. Basically, working through the list of goals I've set for myself :)

quiz two

------------------HAVE YOU EVER----------------------

1. Ever been so drunk you blacked out?

No... oh, umm, I think maybe yes once or twice. But usually not, and usually no blank patches in memory. Sadly, I really would have liked to forget a couple of nights ;)

2. Put a body part on fire for amusement?

Yep. Hasn't everyone? :)

3. Been in a car accident?

Bingled my first car, when it was still my mum's car. Probably doesn't count.

4. Been hurt emotionally?

Yeah, price of living. In hindsight, I should have slapped myself and said "what the FUCK are you DOING?" and got out of the situation.

5. Kept a secret from everyone?

Not really. I don't count stuff that comes under "Too Much Information" as a "secret".

6. Had an imaginary friend?

No; although my parents told me our house had a "friendly ghost".

7. Wanted to hook up with a friend?

Probably, back when I was a teenager. It depends on a lot on how you define "friend" for this question.

8. Cried in a movie?

Yes. I'm a sap. I cry about stupid stuff.

9. Had a crush on a teacher?

Not that I recall.

10. Ever thought an animated character was hot?

Yep. Well, I guess, sorta.

11. Had a New Kids On The Block tape?

No, but my best friend at the time had one; which at that age (young!) was basically the same thing.

12. Cut your hair?

Every once in a while, when the ratty ends piss me off.


1. Shampoo:

Umm, Kerastasé, probably. But since I no longer live with a hairdresser I've been trying a bunch of supermarket brands and realising they're basically crap. Currently using Schwartzkopf(sp?) which is actually not too bad.

2. Colour:

Black/white/grey if you count them as colours. Also dark shades of blue, green and red.

3. Day/Night:

Night. Most definitely. Especially that limbo time between "very late" and "very early".

4. Summer / Winter :


5. Lace or satin :

Why not both? Satin at a pinch.

6. Cartoon Characters:

Muttley rules. Also... Wile E Coyote, Scooby, Secret Squirrel, Pepe La Pew.

7. Food :

Mmmm, tough to choose. Italian, Thai, Hog's Breath slow-cooked steaks.

8. Favourite advert:

I like many, esp. since I was going to go into advertising at one point. The old Guiness ad with the guy dancing around the room waiting for it to settle probably edges out the others. Honourable mentions: Goggo Mobile/Not Happy Jan (Yellow Pages). H&R Block ads with "Irene".

9. Favourite subjects:

Depends if I'm drinking. Music; state of the world; even a little politics these days. My blog is full of rants about censorship, copyright and evil record executives.

10. Favourite band or musician:

Hah! Like I have just one. Right now, I'll say Covenant. Also - The Cure, PWEI, VNV Nation, Velvet Acid Christ, MC 900 FT Jesus, DJ Shadow, sonicanimation, White Zombie/Rob Zombie. That's what I've listened to lately, anyway.

--------------RIGHT NOW------------------

1. Wearing :

Black jeans, tshirt w/ fleur de lys on it, socks, light Mossimo jacket i've had since high school.

2. Drinking :

Nowt. Although i did get a beer bought for me earlier today.

3. Thinking about :

Reasons for big boss feeling like he should buy us a beer.

4. Listening to :

Nothing actually, although I have sonicanimation in my head.

----------------IN THE LAST 24 HOURS----------------

1. Cried : No

2. Worn a skirt : No

3. Cleaned your room : A tiny bit. Super cleaned the place for an inspection last week.

4. Done laundry : Yep

5. Drove a car : Yep

----------------------BELIEVE IN ----------------------

1. Yourself :

Sometimes. It varies greatly and I have about one week in four/five where I don't believe in myself at all.

2. Friends :

Yes, although I can't always rely on them ;) The important stuff, yes, or they would not be my friends.

3. Santa Claus :

Not since the bastard stopped giving me loot every year ;)

4. Tooth Fairy :

Caught my dad in the act of putting the coin under the glass once, that kinda ruined that gig :)

5. Destiny / fate :


6. Angels :

The human kind, yes. The other kind... maybe. It depends on how you envision an angel. I certainly love photos of them (statues, etc).

7. Ghosts :

"Healthy sceptic" card-carrying Brisbane Ghost Hunter. I believe there's a lot we can't explain and seek to rule out the mundane. Well, actually I haven't been on an investigation in years; so make that an inactive member.

-----------------FRIENDS AND LIFE -------------------------

1. Who is the loudest of your friends?

Probably Kevin, although we're all loud when we get together.

2. Who is the weirdest of your friends?

By whose standards??? :)

3. Who will respond to this e-mail the fastest ?

I probably won't send it to anyone else, actually. Might post it on my website.

4. Who will you send this to who won't respond?


5. Do you want all your friends to do this and send it back to you: