non-ratings what?

well, the non-ratings season has come and gone. i don't know if they have this in other countries; but here in .au there's a bizarre demilitarised zone of television, over the christmas break. it's like they just can't be arsed competing, so they all decided to show complete crap. so for about 6-8 weeks tv gets even worse than it already is.

then they come back from holidays or something; and start a really fucking obvious campaign to launch the new year's shows and wheedle their way back into your living room. it's like they know how pissed we are and try really hard to seem like they're great people because all this great stuff is coming soon!


but what's really bugging me now is the advertising... ads which disappeared over the non-ratings period are back on. apparently we even had non-ratings advertising. it's not surprising i guess - who'd pay top dollar for ads during shit reruns?

so, we have better ads on tv again. funny ads, clever ads, basically any ad with a high production value has returned. but what's really disturbing is all of a sudden the genital herpes ads are back on. it seems that you can't get STDs during the non-ratings period, at least as far as Glaxosmithkline are concerned. which is pretty much the opposite of reality; since people will look for alternative forms of entertainment when tv is shite........ :)

guess it just highlights how cynical the companies funding the ads really are. they care about your health; but only when they're getting lots of views for the advertising dollar.