happy new year, brisvegas

you know you're in brisbane when... you get invited to a friend's new girlfriend's new year's eve party (say that a few times fast..); you turn up to find it's on the top floor of a unit block you used to live in.

friend, in car, giving directions: up a bit further.... yeah, see where that blue car is parked? it's that place.

me: you're fucking kidding, right?

always wanted to see the nye fireworks from the deck up there. now i have.

it was even more amazing for me, i think, since the friend in question became my friend during the year i lived there. it was during the first year of uni, which seems like eons ago. well, seven years can seem like an eon; even though they flew past in about three years, give or take a month.

so there's a lot of sentiment tied up to that place. i didn't exactly live there, but i crashed in my big sister's study/spare room enough to contribute some housekeeping money. it was a tiny amount of cash, considering what i got out of the deal. two or three nights a week on average, sometimes more. it was a small place, i was seventeen and going crazy with the freedom; but she and her fiance put up with me. what can i say, it's good to have a cool big sister and bro-in-law :) of course, a lot of the time i was just a guy who was sleeping it off in the spare room; to emerge blearily, take a shower and stagger off to catch the train.

so anyway, the place is linked to a year when i met new people and formed some wonderful friendships; not to mention met my girlfriend; got a cool job on campus; got into the goth scene and generally changed my life. i used to come back from clubs, go to the 7-11, then go sit on the back steps and enjoy the city view while i went through my munchies. i used to ponder how much better the view would be from the penthouse level; which was another story up.

now i know, it's magic. we could see the city, the fireworks and several other lots of fireworks on the horizon and off mt coot-tha.

overall it was a pretty surreal night. on top of the unit thing, we went to a cool club and met up with a friend who was in town from interstate. managed to hear puttin on the ritz by [damn, who is it by? not the original, the weird 80s cover] not once but twice (once at the club, once at the party). never imagined my life could produce that double-play :)

but i will always remember nye 2002/2003 as a serious Brisbane Moment. not just because by chance i ended up seeing in the new year with one of the best views in the city; but also because the next day the cbd was mostly closed (we went in for a farewell gathering for my interstate friend). i may love brisbane, but i wish things stayed open more. but as people often say, people might bag brisbane - but it's a nice place.

you might find that nobody is ever apart by more than two degrees of separation; and you might find that cloying, you might find it amusing, you might find it's a real icebreaker. you might discover that sometimes brisbane's two degrees can lead to some amazing and wonderful twists in your life. or perhaps you might just find a good spot to be at midnight on new year's eve; and marvel at how many fireworks get set off across brisbane.

so, happy new year, brisvegas.