new years day

so it's new year's day. we gathered, we drank, we toasted the new year and then we went home. and today mostly we slept :)

2001 was an odd year. i barely wrote any poetry; no prose; a few musings in a rush at the end of the year. this page was worked on in fits and starts. but at work i turned out hundreds of web pages; designed large-scale schemes and templates; learned new skills and applied them that day for a deadline in the afternoon.

it's been a pretty full-on year that way. but i'm enjoying what i do and finally feeling like i'm good at it. it's a nice feeling and i hope it continues on into the new year. i've already got plans for further study so hopefully i'll be keeping up with the learning curve i hurled myself into last year.

strangely i didn't really think of resolutions until today. i think that's a sign that i'd already made my resolutions, regardless of some ultimately fairly arbitrary date: keep learning new skills, keep working at maintaining friendships, get my finances sorted.

odd to have friendships as a resolution, but with the sheer chaos of people moving and changing it's been a bit tough in the last year. people moving away, people travelling, people finishing uni, people moving back from wherever they were, people moving to suburbs a relatively long way from mine. it's been happening on all scales. so i'm trying to avoid the worry of friendship and instead concentrate on the positives... it's just a time of life, when everyone is discovering the world and themselves; each in their own way in their own time.

i guess it's just hard to be one of the few who have opted for a full time job here in Brisbane instead of backpacking around the world or moving to another state. Brisbane is not exactly my home town anyway, it's just that moving 50km is not as spectacular as moving 5000km.

what the hell. here's to 2002. happy new year.