what the blogathon, part 2

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it just goes on! delve further and further; click into your friends' "friends" pages on livejournal, and it just keeps on going. people are pouring out a bizarre mix, pastiche, melange, cacophony, call it what you will... a strange combination of utterly banal snippets of daily life, together with soul-barings and musings on life the universe and everything. i doubt most of these same people would ever print this stuff out and pin it up on their doors for the neighbours to read. but they will broadcast it to thousands; potentially millions.

the thing for me is, Brisbane's a small town. the goth scene is a small scene in a small town. it seems half of the brisgoths are LJing their butts off. the trick of it is most of them are using alternate nicks, so unless you have some sort of clue-in, then you wouldn't know who the fuck just told the world about their aspirations (or bitched about blah blah blah).

I have noticed one thing though. A lot of the time, your average livejournal reads:

We're having problems.
To stay updated on future LiveJournal outages, or to read about the cause
of unplanned outages, add the lj_maintenance journal as a friend.

...i guess it's getting *really* popular.

i just wonder how seriously all these blogfiends have thought it through. are they going to keep their logs up for duration? will the novelty wear off just like Tamagotchi and other such crazes? dude, i forgot to feed my blog and now it's sick... maybe if i shove heaps of shit into it and turn the lights off, it'll get better!





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