what the blogathon is going on here?

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i've discovered that a truly disturbing number of people i know have Live Journal accounts; being a particular breed of weblog (blog). It was innocuous enough at first; a couple of people using them for the hell of it. but at this stage, it seems most of the Brisbane goth scene is blogging its heart out on "LJ"; not to mention various workmates and aquaintances.

now, seeing as i've been using this page to write down various crap floating past my mind since 1996, it's not like i can give them shit on that count. but it's been bizarre to see the proliferation; and i'm having to resist the urge to include my mood and current music into stuff I write. neither one is an original idea, done many times before LJ turned up. but if i was to add that kind of information these days, it'd just be seen as a ripoff of LJ. oh well. it really doesn't matter.

my opinion on this mad blog craze changes just about daily... i guess it depends on the last blog i read. i can see the pros and cons; i see some blogs which name everyone and some blogs which name none of the people mentioned; i can see some blogs are an outlet for feelings which might otherwise be bottled up. some people just use them to bitch about all the little inconsequential things that have pissed them off since they woke up.

i've read a lot of blogs lately. hell, i even caved in and started my linkblog - something i'd wanted to do for ages; blogger just gave me a quick and easy tool. some blogs are insightful, thought-provoking and worth every byte. meanwhile, other blogs are full of unbelievable crap. i guess all the diaries hidden under all the beds in the world are the same - some are gripping reads, some are boring as batshit. it's just that now they're not in silly "locked" books under mattresses; now they're out there. loud, proud and full of dodgy personality tests ("what virulent disease would you be" is definitely one of the weirdest i've seen so far).

so, does it matter if all these blogs aren't great literature? well i guess not. i just wonder what we're recording for posterity... i mean, seriously. i didn't go anywhere today, i'm bored; i sat around the house today; i went to a party last night; i had a fight with my parents... what will someone make of this in twenty years?

maybe this is actually the stuff that is missing from history. never before have so many people publically documented the minituae of their lives. some blogs are incredibly frank and open. perhaps this is what will bolster human relations in the digital age... suddenly you can know the thoughts, dreams and motivations of people you would otherwise barely know. you can know that they are applying for jobs; seeing friends and going for coffee; sponsoring animals in the zoo (hi Sally :)); generally thinking about life, the universe and everything.

if these blogs survive into the future, people will be able to get a pretty decent picture of your average net user; and a few other people besides. it'll be like the most prized historical photos - the mundane stuff. pictures of how they used milk churns, how they delivered the milk on carts, how they operated early phone switchboards. all the stuff which, at the time, seemed like utterly mundane crap. maybe everyone's busily creating a valuable snapshot of our time.

or maybe we're just creating more filler to keep the hard drives spinning and the fiberoptics glowing across the ocean floors.





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