refreshed, surprised.

one night, and all of a sudden the 'net pops up with two gems and the loss of an old friend.

well, perhaps not an old friend - but Jeff Koyen has decided to take down - home of the crankiest zine you ever did see. i'm sad that it's going but glad that Koyen is making me, one of his semi-faceless readers, accept that he is moving on. so many people would simply leave the site up; so many would perhaps let it trickle on.

but no, crank is to be up for just one more month, then it is gone - like that time in Koyen's life, and the time in mine when i read his words as they were released to the world.

sad to see it go, glad that koyen has grown and let us in on it.


i barely expected such a change... from crank to 100 words.

and perhaps it shows me something about myself - i am moved by this new art. maybe more than the old.


reeling, i follow a link from a friend's email.... industry !!


i live in the city where they found the perfect set for Scooby Doo... it's an old powerhouse that i've driven past a few times at night. i see the barren windows with yellow light crawling through them, i imagine plucking up the courage to jump the fences and shoot black&white film to my heart's content. but then i shudder, accelerate and think of warm places up the road.

i have stood in rooms housing ancient, semi-forgotten boilers three stories high; crept through haunted jails and surveyed the dust-choked ruins of my favourite club.

and yet...

these buildings stun me. nothing i've seen compares. i feel drawn, enamoured, terrified and repelled.

i wonder how it felt to see such power, though the lense.





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