Revision History

The house of fun is a live site. It is always under construction. I add to it in sporadic attacks, which i regret were much more frequent when I was not working full time. However, i have no plans to ever abandon the house; and if the occasion were to somehow arise, i would either give it a decent burial (ie. take it down) or put a very clear notice on it explaining its status.

Here is a list of the more recent updates. It's largely for my own amusement, seeing as i generally figure that the counter ticks over by some strange digital voodoo.



Change listing

Update; main additions/changes :












Dates correspond to when the page/update was written, not necessarily the day they're uploaded. Minor updates probably won't get a separate listing; and links/funky links will never get a listing unless I throw the entire lot out and start again or something. Just thought i'd point that out. Who knows, it's possible that someone somewhere may actually give a shit.

Hey, i said possible.



This lot might be reordered from oldest-newest into newest-oldest.... when I have had more sleep.

  • 1996.08.15; The house of fun goes online. Several unsubstantiated sightings of UFOs, Elvis, Bigfoot, The Loch Ness Monster, Fat Cat, Skase in Australia and a few crop dodecahedrons are reported. The events are not linked in any way.

  • 5-10-96; Scenecode v1.0 online, links for Event Horizon active and my guide to cow corruption added. Enjoy! :)

  • 13-10-96; Event Horizon .zips taken offline again due to space restriction [grrrr], Stop Telstra page added.

  • 25-10-96; Pages about goth added and some more links.

  • 27-10-96; A rant about Mosh pits added to the musings page.

  • 6-11-96; Some new poems added to my poetry page and all returning links should now take you to the menu and not the top of the main page (say thankyou, it took ages to change all the tags :)).

  • 25-11-96; "The Raven" added. Woo.

  • 28-11-96; The page about Jurassic Park added, plus goth jokes and more ramblings.

  • 1-12-96; Event Horizon links should now work. Hopefully. Also some pages will now link to a different server, which I can only hope will work ;)

  • 17-12-96; Funny shit added.

  • 18-12-96; Dragonheart review added.

  • 25-12-96; Funny shit, gothjokes and "other words about goth" added to.

  • 27-12-96; Going Crazy in the Suburbs added.

  • 16-01-97; More funny shit and some new additions to my prose page.

  • 30-01-97; New poems added to my poetry page, plus new and updated links.

  • 09-02-97; New musings and more funny shit added.

  • 19-03-97; The Moofie List added, plus little updates all over the house.

  • 26-03-97; Tinker, tinker, tweak, tweak, procrastinate, procrastinate...

  • 08-04-97; "soundtrack of the soul" added.

  • 22-04-97; a couple of new musings added.

  • 25-04-97; some more work done on the list of moofies worth seeing, including taking the Dragonheart review out of the main menu.

  • 29-04-97; a new musing added.

  • 12-05-97; poetry of the spirit added, plus some minor updates.

  • 20-05-97; several additions to funny shit, and one to "other words about goth"

  • 02-06-97; a new musing added.

  • 24-06-97; the Webrings and Awards page added, really to accommodate the Akashik Webring link... i'm not trying to say i have heaps of awards ;)

  • 07-07-97; the page is moved from to - i may still use the space on gil, but i know for sure i'll have the student space for at least a year and a half...

  • 10-07-97; lots of funny shit added

  • 17-07-97; new front page put online

  • 05-08-97; more poetry added

  • 15-08-97; a new musing added - like anyone reads them anyway...

  • 16-08-97; some funny shit added

  • 18-08-97; personality test added

  • ??-08-97; i put a guestbook on the page (i forget exactly when)

  • 22-09-97; some more moofies reviewed, Scene Code v1.01 update put online

  • 23-09-97; lots of little tweaks and code smoothings which don't really make much difference at all; but hey isn't that just life?

  • 26-09-97; funky links page added

  • 27-09-97; font page (off index) added... i figured not everyone has the same fonts as me, so there you go... hey, be grateful. other pages just tell you to go find them yourself.

  • 05-10-97; new poems added

  • 28-10-97; just to prove i'm still alive, and haven't forgotten i have a homepage, i've updated my bookmark.htm link... merry christmas :)

  • 01-11-97; pretty much the same deal. once my workload is cleared, i'll do more.

  • 09-11-97; new musing added

  • 01-12-97; lyrics page changed, a few minor changes.

  • 09-12-97; updated the moofies page.