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a file written while drunk on vodka

i constantly see home pages with a lurid background graphic and text over the top in a colour you can't read. Did the page's creator not look at the page they'd created? What's the point of a page you can't read? i'm reasonably tolerant - i'll highlight the page and read it that way. Most people don't even know how to do that... so, what's the solution? You've got to make your page display in a way that will be readable at the lowest common denominator.

maybe that sounds a little warm'n'fuzzy but it's true. i can't say that i normally give a shit about the lowest common denominator, in fact my friends can vouch for how low my opinion of the masses is. But that aside, you've got to think about the lowest common denonminator when you design your pages.

We're talking about good web design.

While this is something i think about as soon as i put cursor to Qedit, most people seem not to notice how bad their html is... EVER. They happily put it online and then wonder why they get about 2 hits a month.

SO... What do you need to design good html?


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