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the curious world within

Our brains are bizarre things... Delicate tissue mass encased in bone and mystery. Despite the efforts of science, philosophy and religion we really don't understand what's going on in there.

Psychology delves deep into these mysterious depths, noting some interesting behaviour patterns. However, as philosophy reminds us, scientific knowledge is really a body of best-guess theories which are yet to be disproved. Right now we can believe them as fact; however in ten years we may know better.

Meanwhile, parlour games have thrown up some amazing tricks. I've seen some informal psych tests which return information to people which they perhaps didn't even know themselves. Seemingly innocuous questions turn out to be heady emotional pointers, instinctive reactions mapping out feelings.

The enneagram is probably the most interesting personality test i've encountered; but i've also come across several tests and personality sorters which i think are pretty amazing. Here i plan to collect the little files and link to big tests or sorters. I'll add to this page as i find additional worthy items.


The tests will only work if you write down your answers before you read the interpretations. Grab a pen and paper, open up Wordpad or a word processor; whatever you have to do, but WRITE YOUR ANSWERS DOWN. Otherwise it just doesn't have the same impact, or may not work at all.

NB: These things only have parlour game status - they're not accredited and don't really mean anything (I don't know about the linked stuff, but I can take a guess). Use your discretion... use your brain!

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