theatre of war

where small plastic tokens do battle at the hands of drunk people


This really is the result of a game in play - red holds the red territories; green holds green; blue holds blue. We weren't sure what impressed us the most - the neat split or the colours :) So much for chaos, eh.


There certain things you need to have with you to play RISK. A RISK board, for one. Alcohol, preferably premium stuff. Snacks. Some way of telling the time so you can call up for pizza before they stop delivering. Some tunes. Oh yeah, opponents who get as carried away as you help a lot.


As a sidenote, both of these were taken on the same night; we were running two boards. I'm sure I was using up a roll of film. Yeah. That's it. ...Nah, who am I kidding - we just couldn't let the colours/split thing go unrecorded.