ok, here i am.


at the Pump House

At the Pump House in Sydney. Photo by Molly.


in faith, a dodgy club in brisbane


Heretic in Sydney, taking a photo of the harbour.
A photo of me taking a photo, next to Sydney Harbour (like you couldn't figure that out).
Taken during the trip down to see Covenant.

2002 & 2003

photo of heretic - 2002

"You're not taking a photo, right?" *flash* "Oh."
photo by Kane, May 2002. at my desk at work, yeah it's a thinkgeek tshirt.


Me holding beers and lime for the Corona.

Same shirt, different situation :) Hanging out with a mate, drinking beer.
2003.01.02. For the uninitiated, the lime is for the Corona.


This is me blasting my way to a prize at the first Industry nightclub, back in 2000.
It was on PSX, I think the game was Die Hard Trilogy (airport shoot-up section).
That's Luke on the left; friend, fellow band member and housemate for a while.



photo of heretic - 1998

a heretic in his natural habitat... the beer garden at the Normanby Hotel (may it rest in peace).
Photo taken sometime in 1998, by Leah, who "takes a bloody mean photo".

The Normanby was the best venue the goth scene ever had in Brisbane.
Maybe one day I'll win huge amounts of cash in the lottery and buy it back :)

Of course, if you're seeing me in a beer garden, perhaps I'll look a little different to you...


a very long time ago

"Toffed up to the nines, laddie..."

A pic of me in a damn nice tux. 1996.

I'm told I look like Sheriff Buck in this pic. I can live with that.

One of the ten thousand (or thereabouts) cameras that were shoved in my
direction before a formal (1996) got this shot. Amazingly, neither one of my
family's lovable but eternally muddy dogs jumped on me while it was taken.

Damn I loved that tux.

Damn I can't believe I wore those glasses. Still, it was the 90s.

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