morning barista
thinks i look like john cusack
it's odd but not bad

quiet audience
did i harangue them too much
or just make my point?

module not installed
ends tonight's coding foray:
"undefined function"


quest for new knowledge
familiar frustration
"fuck i know nothing"


patterns recognised
understanding obsession
is gibson's great strength


tuned to a dead channel

the data shimmers, turned to catch the light
impossible dreams sliding by in droves
cigarette smoke and burning motherboards
a console jockey with projected friends

blades and mirrors split people and drugs
interior world and outside terrordrome
beats bang in the wires as the ninja falls
deadly whip no use, i wonder where it lands

meat records itself and joins the metal
while the metal produces the girl of light
interstitial lives at the centre of all things
living with the logos ground off the studs


cabs honk in seconds
suits clutch burnout cigarettes
nobody pauses

buy food at midnight
coffee ready in seconds
this pace has upsides

bridge looms impressive
opera house like postcards
fast ferries plow past

cold air on my face
emergency sirens wail
i am in sydney


moments in the factory

a stink of bourbon
lewd comments waft in my ear
dodgy promoter

above the stairway
stripper boredom in her eyes
she grinds against air

scripted enjoyment
they even fuck like they're told
no thoughts of their own

perfectly matched lives
the most annoying ringtones
i've heard since for-ev

cruising 'til lockdown
rock apes trying to act suave
pale pink shirts, collar up


This was written in response to The Factory, a dance/music/commentary event about what has happened to Brisbane subcultures and The Valley. By no means does this summarise the show, it is just a series of moments which my memory produced later. There were lots of funny bits too. In case it's not clear, it's all about contents of the show :)

web 2.0 haiku

just a tiny part
tag yourself for the hive mind
relinquish control


In response to Andrew's web 2.0 haiku.