five rain haiku

the rain falls to wash
over gutters and through drains
wash the day away

a healing caress
wet drops breathe life into us
inspire fresh lifeblood

no thunder tonight
by whim we are spared more storms
nature's rule is clear

new year one month old
with little peace like tonight
just punishing heat

enjoy tonight's gift
let your spirit soar higher
weather's friend tonight


records sound warmer

playing an album discovered
in a living room long ago
i recall brown rental carpet
and flatmate's crates of vinyl

handwritten notes on the cover
one track scratched to fuck
but another copy in the stack
turn the record over and on

the warm tones washed out
filled the night and empty house
i'd never heard it before
perhaps never so well since


flame extinguished
greek faces smile
ribbons flick high

athletes dancing
uniforms swapped
medals bouncing

over again
the flag passed on
four years to go



so many faces worn
variations on a theme

see the real name
for what it's worth
then see my name

then again my handle
or maybe it's my nick
usernames galore

all true maybe
possibly most fake
but don't ask me

mind's creations
life's imitations
i just live here


sydney nine eighty
the sign makes me think why not
just keep on driving


Edit: ...and in 2006, we did.

the dream

Crouched in terror under a brooding sky
The void swallows raid siren wails as they trail away
Dark machine crouches in the shadows nearby
Claws pointed skywards; twitching, questing

Eerie quiet chilling my spine - I shiver
An imagined scream at the edge of awareness
Jolt of adrenaline - reality shatters relief
I open my mouth but the scream is drowned

Fire streaks in from the horizon
Roar of combustion overpowers my tiny voice
I am frozen - but the crouched monster is fast
Military claws lock on, massive bang of launch

Percussion of the defensive saviour hits - a frozen moment
Then a double scream tears all peace away
Two smoke trails across the sky, converging
Flash of hope, thinking it's going to work

No miracle tonight, the machine has failed
All human breath is held, the automatic monster reloads
Red light flash floods over my eyes like sudden dawn
I am unhurt, but all I can hear is distant screams


not a masterpiece, but this was a vivid dream i needed out of my head.

next service due at 60,000

fifty thousand kays ticks over
as i pass an old haunt of mine
zeros racked up together
and the place changed years ago

this counter shows just a fraction
my feet are sore with all the miles
i've walked i've driven i've flown
away, back and past this place

my mind stumbles thinking of it
a kilometre slipping by
one of fifty thousand times
yet i feel i've hardly moved

millions of revolutions
yet just a handful of chaos
an agent of change perhaps
but mostly just of transport

quiet end for so much fossil
petrol burned in tiny flashes
imagine a fiery lake of fuel
collected and burned as one

then it's fifty thousand and one
red light and a moment to think
then on and around a corner
forward and into the night


tram shaking the ground
thumps shuddering through my feet
i am in melbourne