one happy hour

voices from the past can sing so sweet
make you forget the pain that was
and feel warm in the highlight glow

you can relive the days and hours
swimming through them in your mind
but only with a skittering quickness

smiles in the darkness lit by cigarettes
the tastes of crisp wine and cold beer
the creak of a canvas chair at dusk

feet hooked in verandah raillings
bare in summer and slippers in winter
a relaxed foreground to a worldview

just years ago it was another lifetime
a decade passed in a month or two
impossible dilation of recalled time

spin to the harried whirlwind of now
time cannot break the tumbling habit
of endlessly barrelling forward

dropping you without ceremony
into a million worthless moments
spent in between the perfect tunes

we ride the waves of melodic life
giving time the time to bring good times
writing songs of the past for future voices


feel it

hear the call of distant planets
racking across the bass, twisting
the joy of true friends
throw their hands up and yell

rumble my life cares away
sample something better, briefly
kick it out of hearing range
drag a better way forward

what is important to you?
crazy paper tokens, coinage
strip these things away from us
defeat this primitive notion

rejoice in the pulse of the soul
artists blood spilled on disc, spinning
embrace the saving of life
accept the redemption of apes

does your heart pump fast in time?
let the spirit fill you, lifting
launch on soaring music wings
to land in a better world



quiet where it shouldn't be
noises i've never noticed
the world's a different place
when you're playing solitaire

the cards of days flip past
and tap an unfamliar rhythm
it's all a little shaken up
when you're living solitaire

far away but all around me
with these items put on hold
the place and i hold breath
while we're waiting solitaire

the rain's been falling now
for eight and forty hours
comfort sounding on the roof
while i'm sleeping solitaire

the last hand lands tomorrow
then the game is packed away
but still tonight cards whisper
while i'm playing solitaire