in the drift of passing time
and the ticks of flowing minutes
we exist as windblown leaves

we float in quiet drafts
and thrash in raging eddies
spinning in the untamed flow

starting supple fresh and green
growing to abscision's break
drying on the breath of change

experience wears smooth our heart
builds grains of salt into our soul
and draws lines in hardened hide

to learn and live another day
then watch the years spin past
is terrifying in contemplation

what scares us cold in retrospect
was barely a blur when it happened
but we are better having lived it


$poetry = (haiku)php;

breaking to new ground
i RTFM and type
apprehension gone

drawn into the code
i leave "hello world" behind
gathering knowledge

music pumping out
apache for company
i sit learning code


aiie, what a nerd eh. "apache" is a ty beanie wolf, btw; not just my localhost :)


echoes of the past walk before me
in a future which hasn't taken shape
in a place where my timing was out
just barely but perhaps just always

not knowing what to say anymore
no common days in recent months
just strangers with friendly faces
i left wondering what had passed

never quite resolved my feelings
from years of teenage friendship
the memories blur the details
i only recall the cameraderie

i could return but never go back
inconvenience distracts the issue
just a small patch of road to cover
but no guiding light to travel by

i could never be impressed again
although i suspect i never was
i don't know why i'm thinking back
when i've turned to walk away


sometimes you find yourself in places that just don't fit


the rhythm roars with urgency
the bass kicks up adrenaline
thin discs of metal and plastic
spin my world and spark the fire

i dance the line drawn out ahead
moving fast to weave the pattern
follow the bassline road to bliss
run the trail marked out by the beat

falling through the film of sound
into a rushing wind of music
i float in all directions at once
tracing the edges with my hands

i go to a place far away inside me
where every great song is remembered
seeing the boiler room's spinning cogs
and the dancefloor's slashing lasers

the heat is intense and pounding
echoing the the reigning dj's command
fulfilled by amps and speaker stacks
to be honoured by the pulsing crowd