funky links of the moment

these sites have caught my attention at some point. some i visit regularly, others i'll probably never visit again (but you might like them). beware of linkrot - i'm not fastidious about maintaining this one. Links to friends are on the links page. if you want something which is updated frequently, see the linkblog.

You can .

/// The cream of the crop...

CRANK Space Moose Driver Down Bob The Angry Flower

/// it is it is a glorious thing to be a net gothling


not .au

/// the 'net can be useful??? never!

/// brisbane stuff

/// web development reference and discussion links

/// computer nerd shite

/// online comics

/// i'm not sure how to describe these ...they just go together

/// shooting your friends for fun and paintball

/// does anybody here remember the demoscene?

/// miscellaneous


the opiate of the masses

family values

screw hollywood

misc misc