"Billy! Can I have your autograph?"

Billy Connolly's autograph

He'd have to do better than just sunglasses to avoid detection around me :) He came into my place of employment, so of course I couldn't let that kind of opportunity go...

He looked a bit tired... he must only have been in town for a day or so. I half expected him to turn around and say "Go-o-o awa-a-ay..."; but instead he happily gave me an autograph, cracked a couple of jokes, answered someone's question about his trip to the Arctic and was generally pleasant.

I just wish I'd had the presence of mind to say how much I liked him in Her Majesty Mrs Brown (or "Mrs Brown" as it's now trendy to call it...).

Thank you, Mr Connolly... you've been making me laugh for years. Now you've proved you're great in person as well.